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May 15, 2020

By Chris Gwilliams

Caching with Aiven for Redis and Express.js

A quick mention of Redis and its use cases, with a tutorial to using Redis to cache data when using Node.js


February 10, 2020

By John Hammink

An introduction to Redis

Redis is an in-memory, single-threaded, open-source, NoSQL datastore. We take a look at all of its ins and outs in and how to get it as a managed service with Aiven.


December 02, 2019

By John Hammink

DBAs shouldn't be afraid of managed services

DBAs have raised a lot of objections about moving from on-prem (or self-hosted) to using managed services. In this post, we address each in turn.


March 07, 2016

By Oskari Saarenmaa

Aiven Redis available today

For your NoSQL and caching needs, we’ve just released Redis on the Aiven platform. Find out about the specifics in our latest blog post.