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Mar 20, 2024

Aiven for Dragonfly – Unleash Super-Fast Caching

Aiven for Dragonfly delivers a 700% performance boost to scale with your enterprise needs

Jonah Kowall, VP Product Management

Jonah Kowall

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VP Product Management

Scalability and performance are major challenges for modern enterprise applications. Aiven for Dragonfly, now generally available, delivers nearly 700 percent higher throughput (requests per second) and uses approximately 25 percent less memory compared to open source Redis® on similar hardware, according to our benchmark study[1]. For businesses, this translates to a boost in conversions by keeping users engaged with lightning-fast page loads and seamless interactions.

Aiven for Dragonfly handles massive in-memory data workloads with ease and speed, and is fully compatible with open source Redis. It utilizes the latest hardware for maximum compute power while delivering a significant savings on infrastructure costs. It is ideal for caching, gaming leaderboards, messaging, AI applications, and other real-time applications.

Aiven for Dragonfly delivers:

  • Superior scalability — It handles large data volumes and processes hundreds of thousands of requests per second, making it ideal for caching and real-time applications like social media and online gaming.
  • Efficiency — It uses only a fraction of the resources required by other Redis-compatible solutions, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking high throughput and cost savings without compromising performance.
  • Advanced capabilities — It goes beyond basic caching with support for JSON documents and vector search to unlock new possibilities for data-intensive applications like web and social, recommendation engines, natural language processing, and more.
  • Seamless management — Aiven for Dragonfly removes infrastructure complexities from backups and security to upgrades and cloud migrations, and delivers 99.99% uptime.
  • Compatibility — The new service offers a familiar Redis experience and easy migration from Aiven for Caching to Aiven for Dragonfly on one platform with no code changes.

Conrad Electronic provides an advanced sourcing platform for technical supplies to 21 million customers worldwide. Janek Wonner, Head of SRE, stated, "Speed and scale are our game. Aiven for Dragonfly is a game-changer, with smooth migration, incredible performance, and seamless scaling. It's like having a data infrastructure that grows with us."

Oded Poncz, Co-Founder and CEO, Dragonfly says

“We’re excited to welcome Aiven to the Dragonfly community. Aiven has shown a commitment to delivering high-performance, scalable data services to their customers, and we’re very pleased that they are able to utilize Dragonfly to deliver a service that will satisfy large, complex workloads that Redis could not scale to support.”

For more information on Aiven for Dragonfly, click here. You can get started with Aiven for Dragonfly by creating your service using the Aiven Console or Aiven CLI. If you already have Redis and want to migrate to Aiven for Dragonfly, check out our guide. For information on pricing, visit our pricing page. If you are new to Aiven, a free trial version is also available at signup for 30 days with a $300 credit.

[1] Benchmark performed on an AWS environment, with instance types that vary from 8 CPUs and 64GB RAM, 16 CPUs and 256GB RAM, and 32CPUs and 512GB RAM.

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