Unlock 3 levels of awesome

    Your guide to creating better games with better data

    Game companies are experts at creating amazing online titles. But they often run them using technology that’s not kept pace with the market. By working with studios, developers, and publishers, we have identified three ways to unlock decision-making power with better data.

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    • How to automate the operational stuff so your games can handle millions of players and still perform.
    • How to make tactical tweaks to gameplay based on robust player profiles.
    • How to use game and gamer data to make strategic decisions around design and monetization.

    Make better games with better data


    Automate your gaming infra

    Find out how major studios monitor the health of their gaming environments to handle huge spikes in players during multi-million-dollar launch events.


    Tactical tweaks for better gameplay

    The best gaming companies continuously learn from their player base and optimize games on the fly. Discover what data infrastructure they use to support this.


    Data-driven design strategies

    Learn how gaming companies are borrowing techniques from e-commerce to better understand their gamers and deliver incredible experiences.


    The secret sauce

    We don’t think gaming companies need to become experts in running the data pipelines their online games need. Find out how a managed open-source platform lets them concentrate on making great games instead.

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