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16 May 2022

What is Apache Kafka®?

Have you ever been confused by all this talk about kafkas and streaming? Get the basics in this post full of information and resources.

05 May 2022|By

Looking back at Kafka Summit 2022 London

13 April 2022|By

Open Source Program Office at Aiven: A year later

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07 April 2022

The State of Open Source: A FOSS Backstage 2022 Event Report

Learn about the current open source trends discussed at this year's FOSS Backstage.

& Floor
01 March 2022

Migrate your Elasticsearch client to OpenSearch®

Leaving ES to stay open source? Data migration all planned? Now learn how to migrate your Elasticsearch client to OpenSearch® in Python, Java and Node.js.

23 February 2022

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a traditional open source relational database that goes well with many well-established applications. Find out more about its features and use cases.

18 February 2022

Introducing the Uptime Developer Conference by Aiven

Uptime Conference in Amsterdam, September 14-15, 2022. Come and meet the open source data community in-person and talk about all things data in the cloud!

11 October 2021

Staying sane in open source

Being part of a community is not always easy. Find out what Aiven is doing to support the individuals who contribute to and maintain open source projects.