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Feb 3, 2023

Announcing Aiven for PostgreSQL® 15

Aiven brings PostgreSQL® version 15 to your data infrastructure. Find out what the key improvements are and how you can get the new version.

Serhat Yanikoglu

Serhat Yanikoglu

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Product Manager

After only a three-month gap since its October release, we’re delighted to bring PostgreSQL® 15 to Aiven. The new version comes with a wealth of new capabilities and performance enhancements that make managing workloads in local and distributed environments more efficient, and provide a better developer experience.

Release highlights

Better sort performance and compression

According to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, PostgreSQL 15’s new algorithms for both in-memory and on-disk sorting result in 25-400% performance improvements. New window functions also enhances performance, as does parallel execution of SELECT DISTINCT queries.

Developer features

The SQL standard MERGE command has been added to PostgreSQL 15, allowing you to to conditionally INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE rows.

You can also now inspect strings with regular expressions including regexp_count(), regexp_instr(), regexp_like(), and regexp_substr().

The aggregation function has been extended to multirange data types.

Other changes

  • Updated public schema permissions: the PUBLIC schema is no longer writable by default.
  • In logical replication, PostgreSQL 15 now provides row filtering and column lists for publishers.
  • You can now set the ICU collation as default for a cluster or an individual database.
  • Allows unique constraints and indexes to treat NULL values as not distinct
  • Allows foreign key ON DELETE SET actions to affect only specified columns

To find out more about these and all the other new features, check out the PostgreSQL web page.

Get started with PostgreSQL 15

Upgrade to PostgreSQL 15 to take advantage of these features. If you already use Aiven for PostgreSQL, you can run an in-place upgrade to migrate to the newest version.

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