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Feb 3, 2023

Aiven for PostgreSQL® major version in-place upgrade

Major version updates for your PostgreSQL in seconds? Yes, Aiven can do it! Come and find out more.

Why Postgres major upgrades are important

You should always upgrade if you want to take full advantage of PostgreSQL. New major versions provide performance benefits as well as new features.

But a lot of PostgreSQL users are wary of major version updates because they present a challenge; namely, they require some downtime. How much downtime depends on how you upgrade.

Aiven has that downtime down to seconds.

Aiven makes major PG upgrades easy

Aiven's in-place upgrades for PostgreSQL take out multiple steps from the upgrade process and reduces downtime exponentially. Upgrading smaller instances will take seconds; larger instances often no more than one minute.

Here's what happens during an in-place upgrade:

  1. An automatic process checks that the upgrade is possible.
  2. Possible standby nodes are shut down.
  3. The primary node is upgraded.
  4. A full backup is created.
  5. New standby nodes are created.
  6. A possible read-only replica service is upgraded by the same process.

But that's all done by Aiven - all you have to do is to click a button in the Aiven Console to get it started.

Next steps

Feel free to check out the PostgreSQL in-place major upgrades documentation for more details.

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