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Monitoring and observability

Aiven for M3 is a powerful time series database that excels at large-scale monitoring. When combined with additional tools, you can build a comprehensive observability platform that’s ready for any data you want to throw at it.

M3 + Monitoring

Time series databases – made for monitoring

When you're dealing with modern applications that produce huge volumes of data, a fully integrated monitoring solution is essential. A time series database is the perfect tool for this – and Aiven for M3 is a great example of how a TSDB can be used for enhanced monitoring.

If you already use another time series database, for example Prometheus, for monitoring, but you have problems scaling up your monitoring for big data, Aiven for M3 offers unlimited scalability. You simply plug it into your existing environment, and you’re all set.


More data needs more power

Metrics data can quickly grow to be very complex. Soon, basic monitoring might not be enough, especially if you’re working on a global scale. This is where Aiven for M3 comes to the rescue.

Adding Aiven for M3 to Prometheus

Let’s say you’re already using a local Prometheus time series database, but you’ve realised it doesn’t scale as much as you need.

  • Aiven for M3 can be used out of the box to scale your local Prometheus environment up to a massive scale. It’s like going from limited to unlimited at the flick of a switch.
  • Combine multiple Prometheus nodes. Aggregate data from multiple Prometheus environments to a centralised cloud storage, making data easier to analyze.
  • Optional M3 Aggregator service to reduce storage needs and speed up query time.
  • With 99.99% uptime, you won’t miss a beat.

From monitoring to observability

Monitoring can tell you when something goes wrong, but it can’t tell you why. That’s where observability comes to the rescue. While monitoring tracks the health of applications, well-designed observability dives deeper into the entire system, notifying you of any incidents before they become problems.

Aiven offers a collection of tools that support you in creating a custom observability platform. By combining metrics, monitoring, logging, analysis and diagnosis, alerting, and troubleshooting, you can build an all-in-one solution to keep your entire system running smoothly.

  • M3DB native distributed time series database
  • Unlimited scalability, up to 10s of thousands of nodes.
  • Use M3 and M3 Aggregator to gather all your metrics data in one place, at customizable resolutions, making it easier – and faster – to analyze and report on.
  • Log management with OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards.
  • Grafana for visualization dashboards and alerts – with many ready-made dashboards available.
  • Deploy in minutes, and integrate the modules you want at the click of a button.

Aiven observability tools

Aiven for M3


as a highly-scalable metrics engine

Aiven for Grafana® logo


for visualisation and alerts

Aiven for OpenSearch® logo


for examining logs with OpenSearch dashboards as search UI


"We promise our customers 99.99% uptime. That's a tall order. We need to see what our systems are doing all of the time, and when things go wrong we need targeted information about it in order to fix it quickly."

Mika Eloranta

Head of Technical Operations

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Building observability

Observability requires and produces a huge amount of data. The trick to making it work is balancing that data with storage capacity – so that you don’t lose critical information. The more high-quality information available, the higher the chance of identifying issues earlier.

Aggregate to accelerate

Aiven’s observability components allow you to aggregate data to both reduce storage needs, and significantly reduce query time, so analysis and results can be generated in close to real time.

Bringing in data

Monitor and bring in logs from whatever nodes you want to observe, using collection agents such as Telegraf and Logstash.

Pay as you go – with no surprises

Regardless of the observability solution you create—whether you’re scaling up Prometheus with M3 or building something using the components in our observability package—their pricing is all-inclusive. There are no additional or hidden fees for the cloud provider and storage plan you choose.

Aiven's open source observability tools in action


Want to dive even deeper into time series databases?

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