The future of data

Aiven for M3

When choosing the best time series database, scalability, compatibility, availability, and cost effectiveness considerations all play a part. Aiven for M3 makes the decision easy – it’s simply one of the most powerful, fully managed, open source TSDB options available.


What is Aiven for M3?

When you need a truly scalable, high performance time series database that can cope with anything you want to throw at it, there’s nothing better than Aiven for M3. It’s solid and reliable, offers low maintenance with high availability, and is specifically designed to handle large scale, high cardinality data.

M3: Origins

M3 was originally created by Uber to drive their mobility platform and manage hundreds of thousands of drivers around the world. It was built for large-scale, time series data, and has been proven at massive scale. There’s simply no better open source tool available.

M3's main components include the M3 Coordinator, M3DB (a native distributed TSDB), and the M3 Query Engine. The M3 Aggregator extends the functionality, allowing you to offload the metrics data processing, freeing up the rest of the system.

Aiven for M3 – the special sauce

When these elements are combined in Aiven’s fully managed solution, Aiven for M3, it becomes a complete time series database platform that you can either use to scale up your existing system, or build something new from scratch. Aiven for M3 is the ideal solution when you need scalability options and high availability. It’s perfect for metrics and IoT applications that produce large amounts of data at regular, repeated intervals.

Take your data into the future

In an increasingly connected world, time series databases are proving to be an essential tool for handling large-scale, time-stamped data. Aiven’s managed service makes integrating M3 into your current systems simple, and having the ability to scale up your server needs on the fly makes Aiven for M3 a great way to future-proof your data architecture.

Aiven for M3 – the fully managed, fully featured future of data

Aiven for M3 is the ideal solution for high-volume, high cardinality, timestamped data. It’s perfect for IoT deployments, or anywhere where there’s a high volume of data produced at high frequency.


Alternative timelines

While PostgreSQL can be extended with timescaleDB, and InfluxDB also offers time series functionality, their scope is limited. Neither of them provide the truly scalable, high performance solution of Aiven for M3, which was designed to cope with high-volume time series data fast, efficiently, and with high availability.


Aiven for M3 – all in one

Alternatively, you can run Aiven for M3 as a fully managed, distributable time series database, deployable in the cloud of your choice. And if that’s not enough, we’ve also included observability components that can help you keep your entire system running smoothly.


Scale up without shopping around

M3 can be used to scale up existing architecture, which is why Aiven’s portfolio of managed services is so useful: everything you need is already available, and can easily be integrated with your current environment.

Aiven for M3 features

M3 features

M3 was built to cope with highly variable data. It features tunable time precision and highly efficient compressions to operate at scale and meet the changing demands of time stamped data. M3 Aggregator builds on this, providing cost effective, scalable and reliable aggregation for even faster results.

With out-of-the-box support for the most popular protocols, and various integration and interface options, our M3 as a service is ready to handle all your time stamped data requirements.

  • 100% open source
  • Unlimited scalability
  • High availability
  • M3 Aggregator
  • Grafana dashboards
  • Data compression
  • Support for Prometheus, Influx and Graphite protocols
  • Designed for high cardinality data

What you get from Aiven’s managed services

Aiven Console makes it easy to spin up a time series production cluster in minutes.
Increase your servers, storage, perform an upgrade or migrate to a different provider at the push of a button, with zero downtime.

From the first line of code Aiven managed services are built secure. From dedicated VM’s to backups that are taken every 5 minutes you know you can be secure with Aiven.

  • 99.99% uptime
  • No downtime upgrades
  • Full compliance certifications
  • End-to-end encryption
  • 24/7, world-class support
  • Automatic backups
  • Terraform support
  • Dedicated VM’s

Aiven for M3 – the best fully managed TSDB

Time series databases are the new kid on the data block, and at the moment there are not that many fully-featured options available, and even fewer fully managed services. When it comes to offering a full set of features, interoperability, scalability, ease of use and all-inclusive pricing, there’s really nothing better than Aiven for M3.


Aiven for M3: Open Source. Affordable. Powerful.

No sticker shock

Aiven offers the lowest total cost of ownership for a managed service on the market. Our plans are fully transparent and feature all-inclusive pricing. You only pay for the capacity you need, and it’s easy to scale up—or scale down—your plan whenever you need.

A plan for everyone

Our plans range from testbeds for hobbyists through to multi-node, massive storage solutions for global corporations. It’s easy to scale up or switch cloud providers and regions as needed, with zero downtime.


Monitoring and observability

Combine Aiven for M3 with our observability tools and build a comprehensive solution that’s ready for anything.

If you want to take a TSDB for a spin, jump in and start a 30-day free trial.