Jan 19, 2021

Aiven statement on license changes for Elasticsearch

We believe in open source. Aiven is committed to open source innovation and providing a path forward for Elasticsearch users.

HELSINKI, Finland — January 19, 2021- On Thursday January 14, 2021, Elastic announced their intention to move their Apache 2.0-licensed source code in Elasticsearch and Kibana to be dual licensed under Server Side Public License (SSPL) and the Elastic License.

UPDATE 2: Aiven has released Aiven for OpenSearch, built on Elasticsearch 7 and offering all the same functionality at the time of the launch.

UPDATE: Read our longer blog post on this topic.

While we are sorry to see Elastic adopt a more restricted license strategy, their announcement does not have any effect on the Elasticsearch service Aiven customers are currently using. The new license only applies to future Elasticsearch versions and does not impact availability or maintenance of current Elasticsearch versions.

We expect a community to form around the last open source release of Elasticsearch to continue its development, including building and incorporating new features that were previously not available in the open source release of Elasticsearch. Aiven will be part of this community, and we will communicate on the next steps in the coming weeks.

Aiven is unwavering in its commitment to offer open source technologies on its platform and supporting open source communities through continued innovation.

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