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Sep 27, 2021

Announcing Aiven for OpenSearch®

Aiven is happy to announce the newest arrival on the OpenSearch scene! Read more about Aiven for OpenSearch® and how to upgrade from Elasticsearch.


Soumya Bijjal

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VP Product at Aiven

Note On 2022-08-23, Aiven will complete its migration away from Elasticsearch. See Aiven finishes the transition away from Elasticsearch: technical details for more information, and Migrate your Elasticsearch client to OpenSearch® to learn how to migrate your Elasticsearch client to OpenSearch® in Python, Java and Node.js.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Aiven for OpenSearch - a new managed service that is built on the OpenSearch project - a truly open source alternative to Elasticsearch. Aiven for OpenSearch secures a fully open source upgrade path for Aiven for Elasticsearch 7.x customers.

When Elastic (the company behind the Elastic stack - Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash) shifted to a restrictive dual licensing structure based on Server Side Public License (SSPL) and Elastic license, the OpenSearch initiative was created as a community-driven, open source project, derived from the Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch 7.10.2 & Kibana 7.10.2. With OpenSearch, developers have the freedom to create new features for ingesting, searching, visualizing, and analyzing data without running into proprietary roadblocks.

Aiven is very much part of the community that keeps open source software truly open. In fact, we're a contributor to the project itself via our Open Source Program Office.

Aiven for OpenSearch includes OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards and a wide variety of OpenSearch plugins. It’s all well-maintained and supported open source technology that allows you to continue to control your data and its portability, enjoy zero vendor lock-in, and remain free from licensing costs.

Elasticsearch users, want to stay open source?

Aiven for OpenSearch is fully compatible with Aiven for Elasticsearch v7. As partners of the OpenSearch project, Aiven for OpenSearch will always be up to date and committed to enhancing this technology.

From today, you can upgrade from Aiven for Elasticsearch to Aiven for OpenSearch using the normal upgrade service mechanism. When you upgrade, the cost, the performance, and the usage experience will remain exactly the same.

The upgrade from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch will also upgrade your Kibana to OpenSearch Dashboards.

The OpenSearch APIs are backwards compatible with Elasticsearch 7. However, switching to Aiven for OpenSearch involves updates to the Aiven API responses and service metrics names. This means you have to update your client applications.

The Aiven API remains backwards compatible for as long as Aiven for Elasticsearch is available, and so you can test your client applications with OpenSearch and make the necessary updates. (Tip: To perform these tests, you might want to fork your Elasticsearch service.)

To ensure that your services use maintained and supported service versions, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your service to Aiven for OpenSearch as soon as possible.)

For more information, read our full upgrade instructions.

Documentation for Aiven for OpenSearch

For a quick overview of what OpenSearch is, take a look at our article Introduction to OpenSearch.

Our Developer Portal features a comprehensive look at the whys and hows of Aiven for OpenSearch. Click through to for the complete docs.

We are updating our existing documentation to help you transition smoothly to OpenSearch and Aiven for OpenSearch. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our support team or your own Aiven contact for answers.

Next steps

You can start using Aiven for OpenSearch with cURL or with a language of your choice, for example, follow our tutorials to use OpenSearch with NodeJS.

To help you set up a playground, follow the guidance on how to load a sample dataset into your OpenSearch cluster.

Get started with Python to fix yourself a delicious menu.

Wrapping up

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