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Continue using Apache Kafka® in the cloud by migrating from CloudKarafka to Aiven, a comprehensive cloud data platform that combines the tools to stream, manage and analyse data simply, securely, and rapidly.

Apache Kafka as a fully managed service, deployed in the cloud of your choice, with a full set of capabilities to build your streaming data pipelines.

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Apache Kafka

Migrate with confidence

Follow these simple steps to migrate your existing Apache Kafka clusters to Aiven:

  1. Sign up for an Aiven account
  2. Integrate your CloudKarafka cluster with Aiven using our Integrations tooling
  3. Create an Aiven for Apache Kafka cluster
  4. Use an Apache Kafka MirrorMarker 2 replication flow to recreate topics and data in Aiven for Apache Kafka
  5. Migrate ACLs and topic schemas

Why Aiven?

As the first to offer managed Apache Kafka in the cloud in 2016, Aiven has become the leading open source offering in the market. Aiven provides a comprehensive Apache Kafka solution to let you transport, manage, process, operate and efficiently govern your organization’s streaming data in real-time.

Fast and flexible setup illustration

Fast and flexible setup

  • Production-ready, hosted Apache Kafka clusters in 10 minutes
  • All plans come with a minimum of three dedicated virtual machines for high availability and enhanced resilience
  • Bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) deployment model supported for strict control requirements
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  • Manage Kafka clusters through the Aiven Console, CLI, Terraform or Kubernetes tools
  • Manage users and access control lists (ACL) and inspect Kafka topics easily
  • Use your preferred Kafka UI tool, e.g. Klaw, Conduktor, Kafdrop or kcat
  • Guaranteed compatibility with open source Apache Kafka
  • Migrate easily between clouds and regions

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Plans & pricing

All-inclusive pricing, no end of the month surprises. No add-on maintenance, networking or storage fees. Private networking (VPC), high availability, multi-AZ and single-tenant, dedicated clusters with each virtual machine placed in a different availability zone. Scale up or down when needed, and only pay for what you use.

  • Startup

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VMs
    • 2 CPU per VM
    • 2 GB RAM per VM
    • 90 GB total cluster storage
  • Business

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VMs
    • 2-16 CPU per VM
    • 4-32 GB RAM per VM
    • 600-4500 GB total cluster storage
    • Everything in Startup, plus support for Kafka Connect in the same cluster


  • Premium

    starting from


    • 6-30 dedicated VMs
    • 4-16 CPU per VM
    • 8-32 GB RAM per VM
    • 2250-45000 GB total cluster storage
    • Everything in Business, plus more compute and storage capacity


Need help? Use our Kafka plan finder tool to get a recommended Kafka® plan based on your unique data needs and requirements.

Data retention is only limited by storage. For information about annual discount or plan capacity beyond the listed plans, please contact us


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