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Oct 7, 2020

Ometria delivers customer insights faster with Aiven [Case Study]

Find out why Ometria chooses Aiven for PostgreSQL over Amazon’s RDS to power their retail marketing platform.


Helena Meißner

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Growth Marketing Specialist at Aiven

Founded in 2013, Ometria has grown to serve the needs of hundreds of retail marketers. The company delivers detailed insights about their customers used to create personalized marketing experiences through Ometria’s marketing platform.

To deliver these insights, Ometria gathers and analyzes consumer data from a customer’s various data sources. As Ometria continued to grow, so did their data volumes, and their existing setup with AWS’ RDS started to show considerable weaknesses. CTO Al James explains:

We saw very spiky performance on RDS for the analytical style queries and we ended up in a situation where we were increasing provisioned IOPS all the time to try to stabilize it. It's very expensive because we ended up paying for a massive workload.

With Aiven for PostgreSQL, Ometria has overcome their data challenges, and reduced infrastructure cost is only one of the advantages they gained. Download the full case study below to find out how Aiven’s PostgreSQL solution helped Ometria secure the scalability of their business and continue to grow.

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