Aiven preparing for SOC 2 compliance

Aiven Blog: In 2019, Aiven's road to being SOC 2 compliant | Learn more about the standard and find out what else we're compliant with.

08 May 2019
Prem NallasivampillaiHead of Customer Success at Aiven

We’ll keep this short: Aiven has embarked on the SOC 2 compliance journey. To that end, Aiven has enlisted the services of one of the top 3 consulting companies in the world to help with the process and we expect to be SOC 2 compliant within the next few months.

Our current list of compliance standards can be found on our compliance page. The fact that we are already ISO 27001 compliant makes us much better prepared for the challenges of SOC 2 compliance.

Aiven has stringent Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) policies and procedures in place to deal with such compliance standards and therefore expects the SOC 2 compliance process to go fairly smoothly and quickly.

Please check back with us for updates on Aiven's SOC 2 compliance status.

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