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May 28, 2024

Introducing Aiven's AI Database Optimizer: The First Built-In SQL Optimizer for Enhanced Performance

Increase database performance by 10x with an expert, AI-driven, professional available 24/7.

Oded Valin

Oded Valin

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Director of Product Management

An efficient data infrastructure is a vital component in building & operating scalable and performant applications that are widely adopted, satisfy customers, and ultimately, drive business growth. Unfortunately, the speed of new feature delivery coupled with a lack of database optimization knowledge is exposing organizations to high risk performance issues. The new Aiven AI Database Optimizer helps organizations address performance both in the development and production phase, making it simple to quickly deploy, fully optimized, scalable, and cost efficient applications.

Fully integrated with Aiven for PostgreSQL®, Aiven AI Database Optimizer offers AI-driven performance insights, index, and SQL rewrite suggestions to maximize database performance, minimize costs, and make the best out of your cloud investment.

How does AI Database Optimizer work?

Aiven AI Database Optimizer is a non-intrusive solution powered by EverSQL by Aiven that gathers information about database workloads, metadata and supporting data structures, such as indexes. Information about the number of query executions and average query times are continually processed by a mix of heuristic and AI models to determine which SQL statements can be further optimized. AI Database Optimizer then delivers accurate, secure optimization suggestions that you can trust, and that can be adopted to speed up query performance.

Recommendations from Aiven’s AI Database Optimizer are already trusted by over 120,000 users in organizations ranging from startups to the largest global enterprises, who have optimized more than 2 million queries to date.

How does AI Database Optimizer help organizations?

During development, AI Database Optimizer enables early performance testing, allowing easier redesign or refactoring of queries before they impact production. This enables customers to foster a culture of considering performance from the get-go, ensuring it is a priority throughout development rather than an afterthought.

AI Database Optimizer also helps businesses gain an optimal user experience:

  • With fast query response times that ensure a smooth and responsive user experience, especially in data-intensive applications.
  • By identifying and fixing performance bottlenecks organizations can reduce costs, avoid outages and deliver continuous service availability.

A fleet of Aiven for PostgreSQL® databases is powering La Redoute’s marketplace functionality, driving 30% of their business.
Diogo Passadouro - OPS-DBA Team Lead stated "Aiven AI Database Optimizer has revolutionized the way we analyze database performance, providing a simple, clear and highly effective approach and has proven instrumental in enhancing the performance of our databases."

Quote from Diogo Passadouro

Conrad is an advanced B2B sourcing platform selling 9 million products from 6,000 brands, powered by Aiven. Janek Wonner - Head of SRE & Cloud Technology stated "Aiven for PostgreSQL is underpinning our fundamental company functionalities, we are looking forward to adopt Aiven AI database optimizer to empower our developers to create scalable code and empower our development teams with better performance insights and improvement suggestions to reduce the time to fix performance issues"

Quote from Janek Wonner

More information is available in the Aiven AI Database Optimizer page. You can experience it for yourself in any Aiven for PostgreSQL service for free during the Early Availability phase. Simply navigate to the “AI Insights” tab.

Try it now or Contact us today to check it out!

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