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Nov 21, 2023

Aiven enhances platform with AI-powered data optimization capabilities

Integration of EverSQL’s AI-powered engine into the Aiven open source data platform will deliver new performance and cost optimization capabilities to customers


Hannu Valtonen

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Co-founder at Aiven

I am delighted to announce we have acquired EverSQL, a leader in the database optimization space. EverSQL’s software uses AI to give companies automated and personalized insights into how to fine tune their databases for better performance and cost, and will soon be integrated into the Aiven platform. Our new relationship with EverSQL underscores our commitment to helping customers focus on innovation by continually reducing their management burden.

Data-centric applications bring business value

Today’s world is driven by data. Businesses rely on it to make decisions, understand their customers’ behaviors and optimize their operations. Data volumes are growing exponentially. Data has become increasingly distributed and tools used to manage the data have proliferated. As companies scale operations, add more data sources or integrate new systems, the data infrastructure continues to get more complex. This has become a big management challenge for companies, as it takes away important resources – people and money – from developing applications that bring business value and ultimately create market differentiation.

Removing the data infrastructure management burden

Aiven’s mission is to take the pain and effort out of managing the infrastructure, so that companies can focus on innovation. We’re always striving to make it as easy as possible for customers to capture more value from their use of open source technologies, and to improve the service we provide. That’s why we’re exploring different ways AI can be applied to our platform – to make our customers’ data ecosystems even more cost and resource efficient.

EverSQL’s AI-powered software automates database performance analysis

As part of these efforts, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of EverSQL, a leader in database optimization. EverSQL is inspired by the same goal as Aiven – to free up time for innovation by simplifying data management and optimization. Integrating EverSQL’s AI-powered optimization engine into Aiven’s open source platform means that Aiven customers will benefit from automated, personalized and actionable insights to help fine-tune their data architecture.

EverSQL was established in 2019 by Oded Valin and Tomer Shay. They recognized that, as the volume of data expands, performance and cost issues arise, which requires time-consuming effort to identify, troubleshoot and optimize the data environment. Their mission was to speed up applications by transforming and automating database performance analysis, thereby allowing software engineers to focus on innovation.

EverSQL has grown quickly in popularity and is now a leader in the optimization space for a range of technologies like PostgreSQL® and MySQL®, with more than 100,000 software engineers in 90 countries using the AI-powered solution to optimize their workloads.

EverSQL’s AI-powered engine brings new optimization capabilities to the Aiven platform

By joining efforts with EverSQL, we’re enhancing the Aiven data platform with AI, accelerating our innovation in the AI space and building a new team focused on AI optimizations.

In the first half of 2024, we will offer customers several new features that deploy EverSQL’s AI-powered engine, including query optimizations and index recommendations. We will expand our capabilities later in the year to include monitoring and alerting, supported by automatically generated optimization insights that are quick and easy to understand and implement. These features will initially be available for Aiven for PostgreSQL® and Aiven for MySQL®. We will then extend them to other services across our platform so customers can optimize their whole workload according to their price-performance requirements.

Collectively delivering more value to our customers

We are pleased to welcome the talented EverSQL team to Aiven. The combination of EverSQL’s industry-leading, AI-powered database optimization tool and Aiven’s open source cloud data platform is a compelling and unique offering for businesses of all kinds. It will help them navigate the evolving demands of a dynamic data environment and unlock the potential of their organization’s data ecosystem. We’re excited to work together to provide increased support, value and capability to our combined customer base.

If you’re curious about all the exciting capabilities we will be adding onto our platform, you can already explore EverSQL services on and use code ‘EverSQL-Aiven-Gift’ at checkout to receive a free month on EverSQL's Starter or Plus plans, worth $500.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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