Aiven MySQL now ready for preview [UPDATE]

Aiven MySQL marks our 8th service on the platform, check out this post to see why we added it and how to launch your first cluster!

20 March 2019
Kyle Buzzell
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Head of Growth Marketing at Aiven

[UPDATE] Aiven MySQL is now generally available. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Preview. Log in to launch your clusters today or sign up for our no commitment, 30 day trial!

We promised early access to MySQL at the end of Q1. Not only are we delivering on that promise, but we’ve also done a little more: Aiven MySQL is not under a limited beta, but a public preview thanks to our team’s hard work.

That means our customers can launch Aiven MySQLPreview from the console, command-line, and API.

Aiven MySQLPreview is available on all supported clouds and their regions; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Packet, and UpCloud.

It’s also full of the features you’d expect from MySQL, such as read replicas and point in time restore (PITR). We even made sure that you’ll be able to set up graphs and alerts with the Aiven Metrics, Datadog, or Prometheus integrations.

The more feedback we get, the faster we’ll be able to offer it as a generally available service with full SLA, so make sure you launch a MySQL cluster today! Don’t have an Aiven account? Try us with a 30-day, no commitment trial.