Aiven for Cassandra is now generally available

Aiven for Cassandra is now generally available. Read this to see how it sets the foundation for building your data architecture with Aiven.

08 November 2018
Kyle Buzzell
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Head of Growth Marketing at Aiven

Aiven’s mission is to deliver the best open source database and messaging systems as easily consumable managed services to help organizations focus on their core application building efforts. With that in mind, we’re excited to launch Aiven for Apache Cassandra as our seventh service product.

Aiven for Apache Cassandra is ideal for use cases with large, active data sets that need to be queried in real-time or used for later analysis. For instance, it can be used for IoT applications as well as a data archive for later analysis.

Offering standard plan sizes that can scale to 9-node clusters supported by custom plans for even greater workloads, Aiven for Cassandra users will be able to address heavy workloads that require tunable performance and consistency.

Building a data archicture with Aiven

Not only are we one of the few providers of managed Cassandra, but we are the only provider that offers it in combination with 6 other complimentary, open-source services across six cloud platforms in over 70 regions across the world.

Cassandra also represents the next logical step towards Aiven’s goal of operating as the platform on top of which SMBs and enterprises build their data architectures. For example, let’s look at a typical modern data architecture:

schematic of data architecture

Now, let’s look at where Aiven services fit within that architecture:

schematic of data architecture with aiven components

Wrapping up

Aiven for Cassandra as a Service ensures that the underlying database systems fundamental to a data architecture can be deployed from Aiven. And, we aren’t finished. We’ll continue to refine our services and integrations.

To learn more about Cassandra and set up your first cluster in minutes, go to the Aiven for Cassandra page. And, be sure to subscribe to our changelog and blog RSS feeds, as well as our Linkedin and Twitter accounts to make sure that you always know the latest with Aiven!


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