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Aiven for Apache Cassandra®

Aiven for Apache Cassandra® is a fully managed, distributed NoSQL database providing scalability, high availability, and excellent fault tolerance.

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How it works

What can you do with Aiven for Apache Cassandra®?

Set up fully managed Cassandra in less than 10 minutes — directly from our web console or programmatically via our API, CLI, or Terraform provider. Easily connect it to your existing tech stack and start utilizing a high performance distributed NoSQL database.

Get a fully managed, fault tolerant NoSQL database – from Aiven

Aiven for Apache Cassandra® is a highly available, performant, and scalable wide-column NoSQL database. It supports a distributed architecture with asynchronous replication and is highly fault tolerant.

Apache Cassandra® is designed to handle large volumes of data, and is a truly distributed database where individual nodes communicate with one another without referencing a master node. This improves scalability and fault tolerance.

With Aiven, you get added management features and updates so that you can build a reliable database for all your business needs.

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Benefits of Apache Cassandra® as-a-service from Aiven

With Aiven’s fully managed service, you get all the features of Apache Cassandra without any of the infrastructure stress.

Because Aiven makes setting up services easy, you can snap Cassandra into your data pipelines in a matter of minutes, and get on with developing. All the installation, management, and updating is taken care of, and we provide an extensive set of tools and integrations out-of-the-box.

With Aiven for Apache Cassandra, you get a highly available, performant and scalable database on a highly available, performant and scalable platform.

It’s a match made in Aiven.


99.99% uptime. 100% human support.

Downtime is a disaster for critical applications. That’s why Aiven makes sure you get 99.99% uptime. Plus, you get access to a 100% human support team — in case you need a helping hand.


Scale up or down easily. Whenever you need.

Increase the memory in your cluster, create new clusters, switch cloud providers or expand to new regions. Cassandra has never been this easy.


Automatic updates and upgrades. Zero stress.

Stressing about applying maintenance updates or version upgrades to your clusters? We’ll take care of them for you so that you can focus on turning your data into actionable insights.


Super-transparent pricing. No networking costs.

Aiven for Apache Cassandra comes with all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees or charges, just one payment that covers networking to data storage, and everything in-between.

Customer use cases

How Aiven customers use Apache Cassandra®


Cassandra’s scalability makes it a perfect choice for eCommerce applications. Used for product catalogs and personalization engines, it can handle seasonal peaks with ease, and its fault tolerance helps maintain operational consistency.


Cassandra can be utilized to track pretty much anything from dispatch to doorstep. Large logistics organizations use it to handle global deliveries, typically processing and analyzing huge amounts of data to keep the flow of goods smooth and secure.


Originally developed by Facebook, Cassandra is optimized for tracking granular viewing habits down to the time spent viewing. This data can be used to deliver personalized recommendations, and the customer experience it enables extends to multiple use cases.


Key features of Aiven for Apache Cassandra®



Flexible, fast and stress-free

  • Production-ready Cassandra in 10 minutes
  • Deploy to the cloud of your choice with 5 public clouds and 100+ regions supported
  • High performance clusters based on carefully selected instance types and storage options
  • All plans come with minimum three nodes, spread across cloud provider availability zones
  • Bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) deployment model supported for strict control requirements


Integrate with your data infrastructure



DevOps-friendly management and development

  • Manage your Cassandra cluster using Aiven Console (GUI), CLI or Terraform tools
  • Scale, fork and upgrade with just a few clicks
  • Guaranteed compatibility with open source software
  • Migrate easily between clouds and regions


Reliable, secure and zero lock-in

  • Self-healing platform
  • Zero downtime during scaling, upgrading, and other management operations
  • Automatic backups every 12 hours, depending on your plan
  • Secure and compliant solution — ISO 27001:2013, SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI/DSS

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Pricing plans

Aiven for Apache Cassandra® pricing: Pay only for what you use.

All-inclusive pricing so you never get end-of-the-month surprises. No extra maintenance, networking, or storage fees. Private networking (VPC), single-tenant, and high-availability multi-AZ available. Spin up clusters and regions when you need them, and shut them down when you don’t.

  • Startup

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VM
    • 2 CPU per VM
    • 4-8 GB RAM per VM
    • 450-900 GB total storage


  • Business

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VM
    • 2-8 CPU per VM
    • 15-61 GB RAM per VM
    • 1320-5280 GB total storage


  • Premium

    starting from


    • 6-9 dedicated VM
    • 2-8 CPU per VM
    • 15-61 GB RAM per VM
    • 2640-15840 GB total storage
    • Everything in Business, plus more compute and storage capacity


Need help? Use our Pricing Calculator to get a recommended plan based on your unique data needs and requirements.

Data retention is only limited by storage. For information about annual discount or plan capacity beyond the listed plans, please contact us



Learn how to use Aiven for Apache Cassandra®

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Aiven Docs

Getting started with Aiven for Apache Cassandra®, core concepts, how-to's, and more.