Build a movie recommendation app with Tensorflow and pgvector

Learn how to create a movie recommendation web app, using PostgreSQL® and pgvector. This workshop is 2 hours long with a short break in the middle.

  • Workshop 1 (Europe/Asia friendly time)
    Date: Wednesday 28 Feb
    Time: 9am CET | 1:30pm IST | 5pm JST | 7pm AEDT | 9pm NZDT
    Location: YouTube
  • Workshop 2 (Americas/Europe friendly time)
    Date: Wednesday 13 March
    Time: 6pm CET | 9am PST | 12pm EST
    Location: YouTube
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What's in the Workshop Recipe?

We'll work together to build a movie recommendation system from start to finish, utilizing NodeJS, TensorFlow, and PostgreSQL’s extension pgvector. We'll guide you through the process of creating the vector embeddings using TensorFlow right on your laptop. Additionally, we'll leverage pg-promise to efficiently handle bulk row inserts, and we'll explore the usage of Next.js for a full-stack project. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a fully functional project that generates movie recommendations.

This workshop is particularly useful for those who are intrigued by contextual search and usage of AI, but might find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of getting started.

Related resource in our developer center: TensorFlow, PostgreSQL®, pgvector & Next.js: building a movie recommender

Prepare for a Brain Upgrade

You will learn:

  • How to turn a movie plot into an embedding using TensorFlow
  • How to setup pgvector in PostgreSQL
  • How to import movie data into PostgreSQL, with embeddings for the plot descriptions
  • How to search for closest matching plots to a query
  • How to create a web app with Next.js
  • And finally, how to make it look nice as well!


You’ll also need

  • An Aiven account, using our free trial
  • A GitPod account

    but we will lead you through setting those up in the workshop, if you don’t already have them.

Workshop host

Olena Kutsenko portrait
Olena Kutsenko

Senior Developer Advocate, Aiven

Olena is a seasoned expert in data, sustainable software development, and teamwork. With a background in software engineering, she's led teams and developed mission-critical applications at Nokia, HERE Technologies, and AWS. Currently, she works at Aiven where she supports developers and customers in using open-source data technologies such as Apache Kafka, ClickHouse, and OpenSearch. She is also an international public speaker and regularly presents at conferences around the world. She holds AWS Developer and Solutions Architect certifications, and is also a Confluent Catalyst.

Tibs (Tony Ibbs)

Developer Educator, Aiven

Tibs (Tony Ibbs) moved into Developer Relations on joining Aiven at the start of 2022. Before that, they were a software developer, working in fields such as mapping and GIS (geographic information systems), set-top boxes (and embedded Linux), and backend cloud services (Python and Flask or Django; Ruby and Rails).

They have always cared about developer education, and this wish to help colleagues understand their current favourite technologies made the move to Developer Relations feel natural. They’re also enthusiastic about helping others get started speaking at conferences.

They are fascinated with documentation and how it is written, and have spoken on the history of text markup, and on mechanisms for automated "linting" of text. They have attended PyCon UK since its inception, and ran the Cambridge Python User Group (CamPUG) from 2007-2022.

Pronouns are they/them or he/him, and preferred name is Tibs.

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