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Optimizing cloud infrastructure can not only save you money but also improve efficiency and support business growth. Leverage Aiven's open-source platform to streamline cloud costs without sacrificing performance or uptime.

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Discover the benefits of predictable pricing

Discover the benefits of predictable pricing

Learn how Digital Asset Research can easily predict its usage of Apache Kafka and reduce its Kafka expenditure by 25% when compared to its previous Kafka provider.

Discover how Digital Asset Research is able to gain extra performance improvements while reducing its cost of operation.

Michael Zimberg, DAR’s CTO, highlights the added benefit of predictable pricing.


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Simplify your infrastructure

Data Platform teams can simplify their infrastructure and improve developer productivity while keeping costs under control!


Increase agility

Increase your speed of development by removing legacy code.


Simplify platform architecture

Utilize one-stop solution that can be deployed across clouds.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Make sure you have in-house cloud experts for the optimal usage of your cloud resources.


Optimize your cloud data infrastructure spend with Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

BYOC lets you deploy Aiven services directly to your AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account. You can use Reserved Instances, Cost Savings plans, Committed Use Discounts, and other billing and pricing features to save money on compute, networking and storage infrastructure costs.

Customers that boosted their bottom line with Aiven

Digital Asset Research logo

Digital Asset Research reduced their Kafka spend by 25% compared to their previous Kafka provider, while gaining extra performance improvements.

Michael Zimberg

Chief Technology Officer, DAR

  • Financial Services

  • Apache Kafka®

Wolt logo

Delivery service Wolt got large cost savings and improved business focus through the use of managed services. "Managed Kafka has freed a lot of time for our teams to spend on things that add value. We’re talking about major savings here."

Mikko Peltola

Head of Infrastructure, Wolt

  • Consumer Services

  • Apache Kafka®

  • PostgreSQL®

  • Grafana®

  • OpenSearch®

Talon.One logo

“By switching to Aiven for Apache Kafka, Talon.One got costs under control. We have a fixed price per month per Apache Kafka® cluster which means, not only have we cut costs, the costs are predictable and will remain so as we continue to expand.”

Yotam Cohen

DevOps Team Lead

  • Software and Internet

  • PostgreSQL®