Optimize your cloud costs with Aiven’s data platform

Optimizing cloud infrastructure can not only save you money, but also improve efficiency and support business growth. At Aiven, we have worked extensively with our customers to maximize their cloud ROI, leveraging our open source data platform to streamline their cloud costs without sacrificing performance or uptime.

Looking to cut down on your cloud spend?

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Cloud cost optimization goes beyond reducing overall spend

By taking the right technology decisions, you will be able to future-proof your infrastructure and improve developer productivity.


Increase agility

Increase your speed of development by removing legacy code.


Simplify platform architecture

Utilize one-stop solution that can be deployed across clouds.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Make sure you have in-house cloud experts for the optimal usage of your cloud resources.

Breaking down common cloud hurdles for companies

Moving from on-premises to the cloud

  • Scalability challenge: it’s hard to predict cloud usage needs, which leads to over or underprovisioning
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Legacy infrastructure challenges
  • Data migration costs adding to the overall transition

Moving from self-managed cloud to a fully-managed cloud service

  • Potential high upfront costs from the provider
  • Unclear migration path that leads to possible over or underprovisioning of services
  • Difficulty in managing multiple vendors
  • Uncertainty with migration to a new managed service provider

Moving from one fully-managed cloud provider to another

  • Potential vendor lock-in
  • Data Migration costs/ unclear migration compatibility
  • Possible downtime during the migration process
  • Hidden fees from different vendors
  • Different pricing models and SLA/support workflows

How can Aiven help?


11 popular open source data technologies on 5 clouds, 100+ regions with easy cross cloud/region migration


Easily migrate from legacy systems and proprietary software


Get proactive advice from Aiven’s cloud experts and dedicated technical account managers on your infrastructure


All-inclusive and predictable pricing with all networking costs included


Manage all your cloud spend with a single billing, invoicing and support environment


Deploy Aiven on your cloud account, on public clouds, through marketplaces or across clouds to leverage any savings plans from your CSPs


100% compatibility with OSS providing greater flexibility


Enterprise support SLA with 99,99% uptime backed by Aiven’s SRE team


Near zero downtime when upgrading to the new versions of the software

Looking to cut down on your cloud spend?

Together we can maximize your cloud ROI by leveraging our open source data platform to streamline your cloud costs without sacrificing performance or uptime.

Customers that boosted their bottom line with Aiven

Digital Asset Research logo

Digital Asset Research reduced their Kafka spend by 25% compared to their previous Kafka provider, while gaining extra performance improvements.

Michael Zimberg

Chief Technology Officer, DAR

  • Financial Services

  • Apache Kafka®

Wolt logo

Delivery service Wolt got large cost savings and improved business focus through the use of managed services. "Managed Kafka has freed a lot of time for our teams to spend on things that add value. We’re talking about major savings here."

Mikko Peltola

Head of Infrastructure, Wolt

  • Consumer Services

  • Apache Kafka®

  • PostgreSQL®

  • Grafana®

  • OpenSearch®


Aiven for Apache Kafka® was able to meet the latency and scalability requirements while outperforming the other competitors. "Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support and performance."

Adam Hertz

VP of Engineering, Comcast

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Apache Kafka®

  • InfluxDB®

  • Grafana®

Learn how DAR optimized their cloud costs with Aiven

Learn how DAR optimized their cloud costs with Aiven

Mike Zimberg, CTO at Digital Asset Research, shares how they achieved a 99.99% uptime, lowered their managed Apache Kafka® costs by 25% and improved their performance by 10x.

Learn how to efficiently and successfully run your applications in the cloud.

Unlock growth: optimize cloud costs to fuel innovation projects

Aiven's data platform helps you save up to 37% on cloud infrastructure costs, freeing up funds for new projects. Explore new technologies, tap into emerging markets, and expand product lines.

Bring new products/solutions to market faster

With Aiven's trusted open-source data platform, you can tap into cutting-edge technologies like near real-time analytics with ClickHouse®. Stay ahead of the competition, deliver unique experiences, and bring new products to market faster while keeping cloud costs in check.

Explore alternative strategies and opportunities

By leveraging funds saved from a cost-efficient cloud infrastructure, you can focus on exploring and deploying alternative monetization channels. Tap into the sharing economy or subscription models, maximizing the potential of your core capabilities.

Expand your product portfolio and reach

By optimizing your cloud infrastructure costs, you can redirect your energy and resources towards expanding your product line. Tap into new markets with growth potential and leverage your existing client base to raise awareness of your new offerings.

Increase your developer productivity and reduce your time-to-market

Optimizing your cloud spend can not only save you money, but also lead to improved developer productivity and overall happiness. By reducing unnecessary costs and streamlining your infrastructure, developers can focus on delivering new features and innovations rather than troubleshooting and fixing cloud-related issues.


Leverage infrastructure as code (IaC)

Tools like Terraform will automate infrastructure deployment and configuration management, improve consistency and reliability, and reduce errors and maintenance costs.


Implement cloud cost optimization tools

Monitor and analyze your cloud usage, identify cost-saving opportunities, and set budgets and alerts.


Adopt a DevOps culture

Implement agile development methodologies to streamline development workflows, reduce time to market, and increase developer productivity.


Utilize containerization

Orchestration tools like Kubernetes will improve application performance and reduce infrastructure costs.

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Optimize your cloud data infrastructure spend with Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

BYOC lets you deploy Aiven services directly to your AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account. You can use Reserved Instances, Cost Savings plans, Committed Use Discounts, and other billing and pricing features to save money on compute, networking and storage infrastructure costs.

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