Set up your free MySQL database

Start prototyping, experiment, and spin up your first MySQL database in the cloud at no cost. And if your needs grow, easily scale up to large production environments.

Who is it for?

Aiven’s free MySQL plan is ideal for anyone who is looking to easily get started with MySQL database, whether it's for personal or professional use. It's perfect for small-scale projects, prototypes, and experiments, and provides all the essential features you need to get up and running quickly.


Temporarily test and prototype during product development


Use it as a small database to store data from another tool


Learn more about the basic database concepts, SQL language, and application development

What’s included in your free MySQL database?

With Aiven’s free MySQL plan, you run on your own dedicated virtual machine, with no resource sharing and no “noisy neighbours”. Enjoy premium capabilities such as daily backups, Terraform integration, and more. Our easy-to-use and intuitive GUI simplifies database management, but you can also use Aiven’s CLI or Terraform.

Benefits of your free Aiven for MySQL service


Covers everything

Save time with Aiven’s free plan that covers all the essentials, including virtual machine, backup, and networking costs. No extra charges popping up.


Aiven's dedicated MySQL instances

Aiven's dedicated MySQL instances offer maximum security and privacy for your data, consistent performance levels, and the ability to fine-tune for optimal performance.


Monitoring and log access

With access to monitoring and logs, you can identify and resolve issues before they become critical, and gain insight into how your database is performing over time.


Terraform integration

Manage your service using the Aiven Terraform provider, and automate the provisioning and management of your MySQL database. Easily deploy, manage and scale your database infrastructure with the most popular infrastructure-as-code tool.


Secure and compliant

All Aiven services have certifications like SOC2, ISO27001, PCI-DSS and GDPR. You can also set up easy and secure authentication with SSO.


Backups for disaster recovery

Get support from Aiven Community

Take advantage of our community support forums to ask questions, get advice, and learn from other developers.

How to start a free MySQL database

Create your free Aiven for MySQL service

Ready to take Aiven for MySQL for a spin? Set up your MySQL database in less than 10 minutes. It's easy and quick - simply access our web console or use our API, CLI, or Terraform. Check out our docs and sign up with your Github or Google account!

Next steps

  1. Connect to your service via command line (mysql, mysqlsh, Aiven’s command line tool) or your application ( Python, Java, PHP)
  2. Migrate your own database to test it on Aiven platform from an external MySQL with this migration process.
  3. Back up and restore your MySQL data to another storage service by using mysqldump to ensure access to your data in case a failure occurs.

Aiven is all about open source


Standard Open Source Technology

By using MySQL, you can transfer your data seamlessly to other services or platforms with no additional costs or complexity. This also means it's easy to switch to Aiven from another service or platform.


Same robust Aiven services

Aiven’s free MySQL hosting is built on the same robust platform that our enterprise customers trust. You can be confident that your database is in good hands, and that it's backed by the same powerful tools and technology that all our customers rely on.


Add more services

You can expand your MySQL database with other free services like Aiven for Redis®* or Aiven for PostgreSQL®. Redis, for instance, can be used as a cache to speed up queries and reduce latency, which can be particularly useful for applications that require real-time data processing or handling large volumes of data.


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