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Aiven for Apache Kafka® named G2 Momentum Leader

See how real users rate the top vendors so you can make a more informed decision for your data streaming and event-driven architecture solutions. Aiven for Apache Kafka® leads with an impressive 71% Momentum score and 98% satisfaction!

It’s all covered in the latest G2 Momentum Grid® report.

Highlights from the G2 report

Aiven for Apache Kafka® leads with an impressive 71% Momentum score on top of:


satisfaction - the highest of
all streaming services


of reviewers would recommend
Aiven for Apache Kafka®


months average
time to go live

Customer reviews

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Good solution for Streamlined Data Processing

What I like best about Aiven for Apache Kafka is its remarkable ease of use and efficient management interface. Setting up and configuring Kafka clusters is a breeze.

User in Mental Health Care

Enterprise (>1000 emp.)


Aiven is an amazing tool!

One cool thing I really like about Aiven is how it simplifies managing Kafka clusters. The user interface is super user-friendly, even for folks who aren’t total tech wizards.

Nikhil M.

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)


Reliable and Responsive Kafka Hosting Service

They have been a reliable and responsive partner for our organization's event-driven architecture, enabling us to run our systems smoothly with a small team of engineers.

Carlos A.

Small-Business (<50 emp.)


Great managed Kafka solution

Easy to operate, upgrades and maintenance without any big effort, open source version of Kafka, and offers a lot of options.

Janek W.

Enterprise (>1000 emp.)


Enterprise grade solution, professional service, startup friendly

Aiven is effortless to set-up, highly flexible, and incredibly robust to operate. Also offers white-glove support and customer service.

Burak O.

Small-Business (<50 emp.)


Aiven makes light work of an otherwise rather complex solution

I set up my cluster in Aiven when I first joined and I haven't had to touch it--it just works! Saves me countless hours and resources!

Brian W.

Small-Business (<50 emp.)

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Aiven for Apache Kafka® customers


“Aiven ticked all the boxes. The others couldn’t match the technical capabilities of the Aiven platform, and we also wanted predictability, especially with pricing.”

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