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Aiven is an amazing tool!

One cool thing I really like about Aiven is how it simplifies managing Kafka clusters. The user interface is super user-friendly, even for folks who aren't total tech wizards. Plus, the whole setup process is a breeze, and they handle the nitty-gritty maintenance stuff for you. Time-saver, for sure! I have used it for production uses of my company and also for deploying some of my own development features.


Everything has been good so far

Simple to setup, reliable. I enjoy the debugging features on to console, such as viewing message queues, so I don't have to set up my codebase to check everything is working ok. In fact I think I would enjoy any additional features added to the console for making setting up, debugging, viewing messages etc. easier.


Reliable and Responsive Kafka Hosting Service

We have been running Aiven’s Apache Kafka service in our Industrial IoT data ingestion system. They have been a reliable and responsive partner for our organization's event-driven architecture, enabling us to run our systems smoothly with a small team of engineers. Their responsiveness to customer support requests is remarkable.


Aiven makes light work of an otherwise rather complex solution

I've had to run Kafka clusters in the past and had to dedicate specialist teams and resources just to kee the lights on. In contrast, I set up my cluster in Aiven when I first joined and I haven't had to touch it--it just works! Saves me countless hours and resources!


Aiven for Apache Kafka is transparent and easy to operate

Aiven offers a diverse range of tools for interacting with their platform. I utilized Terraform to create a Kafka cluster, employed the CLI to extract the certificates, and utilized the console UI to create some testing topics. Additionally, Aiven allows us to access various metrics and logs from the instances, with the option to export them to Prometheus, among other possibilities.


Good solution for Streamlined Data Processing

What I like best about Aiven for Apache Kafka is its remarkable ease of use and efficient management interface. Setting up and configuring Kafka clusters is a breeze, and the platform's user-friendly design simplifies complex processes, allowing me to focus on data processing rather than grappling with technical complexities.


Managed Kafka solution for enterprise

  1. Solution works right out of the box. Easy to setup and scale a cluster.
  2. Better integrations for metrics and logs
  3. Good technical and sales support


Easy to use Aiven for Redis

The ease to use. Everything is well managed and UI is simple to use.

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