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Oct 22, 2020

Aiven services are now PCI-DSS compliant

PCI-DSS compliance opens the door to even the most regulated industries to provide services securely through Aiven. Find out what this means for your business.

Auri Poso, Technical Copywriter at Aiven

Auri Poso

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Technical Copywriter at Aiven

Aiven takes data security very seriously. We practice what we preach in our own services, as evidenced by our existing SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA compliances. But we’re also committed to helping our customers meet their own data security requirements and protect their own customers’ data by ensuring the security of the environments we provide.

To that end, Aiven can now proudly state that we can provide fully PCI-DSS compliant environments for our customers. This much requested security standard is available for all Aiven services on AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure.

In terms of data security and compliance, this makes us the most comprehensively covered DBaaS!

So--we’re compliant so you can be compliant. Let’s talk about why you should care.

What PCI-DSS is and why it matters

PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This global security standard for information is designed to ensure that companies processing, storing, or transmitting payment card information maintain a secure environment and is a mandated standard for many financial applications.

It has also gained significance across all industries for companies standing up to the highest security standard as it offers good guidelines for general information security, too. Even companies who have no need to secure payment transactions can benefit from going compliant, and it’s an easy way to communicate the level of their network security for their customers.

While PCI-DSS compliance may not be required by all customers, most of the enhancements we have implemented will result in improved levels of security for all customers.

How to get started

If your application requires a PCI-DSS compliant environment, reach out to to begin the process of enabling the required security options on the Aiven platform.

Wrapping up

PCI-DSS readiness adds to Aiven’s existing compliances and is a natural step in our quest of serving our customers within the most up-to-date security frameworks required by our customers, even in the most regulated industries. Be prepared to hear similar news from us also in the future!

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