Larger Aiven for PostgreSQL and Aiven for Apache Kafka plans in Azure

Microsoft Azure continues to grow and so does the demand of Aiven services there, which is why we’ve added larger PostgreSQL and Apache Kafka plans; learn more.

31 May 2017
Heikki Nousiainen
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Chief Technology Officer at Aiven

We're happy to announce immediate availability of the larger 120GB and 160GB Aiven for PostgreSQL plan tiers in Azure with 1.2TB and 1.6TB storage capability respectively.

The plans are available in the following regions: Australia East, Canada Central, Canada East, East Asia, East US 2, Japan West, North Central US, North Europe, UK South, UK West and West US.

Plan Dedicated VMs CPUs per VM † Memory per VM † Storage per VM †
Startup-120 1 16 120 GB 1200 GB
Startup-160 1 32 160 GB 1600 GB
Business-120 2 16 120 GB 1200 GB
Business-160 2 32 160 GB 1600 GB
Premium-120 3 16 120 GB 1200 GB
Premium-160 3 32 160 GB 1600 GB

Actual amounts may vary slightly between different Cloud providers.

New larger Aiven for Apache Kafka plans in Azure

We've included larger 32GB and 64GB plan tiers to our Aiven for Apache Kafka offerings in Azure with increased total storage, core counts and larger memory. These plans are immediately available in all Azure regions.

Plan Cluster Nodes CPU per VM † Memory per VM † Total Storage † Data Retention
Business-32 3 8 32 GB 4200 GB 12 weeks
Business-64 3 16 64 GB 6000 GB 18 weeks
Premium-32 5 8 32 GB 8000 GB 20 weeks
Premium-64 5 16 64 GB 10000 GB 30 weeks

Actual amounts may vary slightly between different Cloud providers.

Give Aiven services a whirl

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