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Apr 12, 2023

Introducing free plans for PostgreSQL®, MySQL and Redis®*

Open source databases in the cloud, for free.

Cara Baestlein

Cara Baestlein

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Director of Product Management, Experience at Aiven

At Aiven, we are on a mission to enable developers around the world with the best open source data and streaming technologies. As part of this mission, we want to ensure these technologies are easily accessible, which is why we are now making select service plans freely available to all.

Specifically, we are pleased to announce the launch of three new plans on the Aiven platform: a free Aiven for PostgreSQL plan, a free Aiven for MySQL plan and a free Aiven for Redis plan. Whether you’re starting a new project or exploring alternatives to an existing solution, you can now get started quickly and easily with these popular open source databases at no cost.

The free plans are available across nine AWS regions globally, and have the following specifications:

  • Single node
  • 1 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • For PostgreSQL and MySQL: 5GB storage

For more details on the free plans, check out our documentation.

Start a free plan

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All the benefits of the Aiven platform

All free plans come with many of the Aiven platform features users love: a dedicated instance, all networking costs included, data encryption (in transit and at rest), backups, and monitoring via metrics and logs. Aiven free plans can be easily managed via our simple web console, or with the Aiven CLI along with our Terraform provider.


If your needs grow, you can easily upgrade your free plan to a larger paid plan with the click of a button, with no downtime and no data loss. Paid plans also include additional features such as PrivateLink and VPC peering, dynamic disk sizing, point in time recovery, service forking to clone your instance for testing, connection pooling (using PgBouncer), and a 99.99% SLA. While the free plans are only available on AWS, you can easily upgrade plans and move to a different cloud, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. Automated migration between cloud providers is built into the Aiven platform.

For more information on the different services and plan types available on Aiven, check out our plan comparison.

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Community support

Alongside the free service plans we are also launching a community forum. We are creating a space for developers to collaborate on the applications they are building with open source data technologies. Users can share what they are working on, get support on challenges they are facing and ask questions. Sign in to our community forum with your Aiven account to join the discussion today!


Getting started

Sign up to Aiven to deploy your first PostgreSQL, MySQL or Redis database for free today, no credit card required.

Getting started is super simple, and can be done in a few minutes via our web UI:

  • Select the database you want, in the region you want it, and hit ‘Create Service’
  • Connect to your database (connections details for popular tools available)
  • Secure your connection
  • Load data (workflows for migrating data from an existing database or importing sample data available)

You can also set up and manage your free service via the Aiven CLI or our Terraform provider.

To explore paid plans for PostgreSQL, Redis & MySQL, or other services such as Aiven for Apache Kafka, Aiven for OpenSearch or Aiven for ClickHouse, you can start a free trial of the full Aiven platform at any time. You’ll get $300 of credits to spend over 30 days.

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If you just want to find out about our service updates, follow our changelog.

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