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Apr 20, 2018

Datadog meets Aiven

Aiven can now be integrated with the monitoring and analytics platform, Datadog. Read more to find out which Aiven services can be integrated.


Hannu Valtonen

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Co-founder at Aiven

A lot of our customers also happen to be Datadog customers and as one might expect, we’ve received a lot of requests to be able to send Aiven service metrics to their Datadog instances for monitoring.

Although we support sending Aiven service metrics to an Aiven for InfluxDB® and Grafana instance that provides similar functionality to Datadog, it is understandable that our customers would want to unify their service monitoring.

That’s why we’ve launched our Datadog service integration, making it possible to send metrics from your Aiven for Apache Kafka®, Aiven for PostgreSQL®, Aiven for OpenSearch® and Aiven for Redis® services to your Datadog account.

Unified monitoring and more

By unifying service monitoring, the Datadog integration makes it much easier to correlate events between the events of your company’s and Aiven services, as the data is now available under one roof.

At an Aiven service level, the Datadog agent provides unparalleled real-time insights. For example, you can drill down into the resource load of your service VMs and monitor CPU, disk, and network loads.

Coupled with the ability to set customized alerting limits, you can optimize the use of your Aiven services to a completely new degree. It’s easy to understand why the service is named after man’s best friend.

Pricing and getting started

At this point you may be thinking, “Sounds great, but how much will Aiven charge me?” You’ll be happy to know that Aiven won’t charge anything extra for sending your service metrics to your Datadog account.

That said, please remember that Datadog will still charge you for the integration's metrics based on their pricing schedule and their service billing will still need to be handled between you and them.

The particulars out of the way, let’s get started. If you’re running an updated service, start immediately by following this two-step Datadog integration guide. If not, just update your service before starting.

Stay active and give us feedback

As always if you notice any issues or think of some feature improvement ideas please continue sending them our way. We rely on our community’s active engagement.

By the way, the same goes for the support for additional third-party services. Datadog is a function of your contributions; so, keep the feedback coming on what service integrations you’d like to see in the future.

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