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Jun 17, 2022

Announcing Dynamic Disk Sizing

Book additional storage by yourself in all Aiven services. No need to switch plans!

Aiven customers can freely adjust the disk space allocation for all Aiven service plans as a self-service. What does this mean? It means you can now book additional storage without needing to switch plans.

Dynamic Disk Sizing (what we like to call DDS because acronyms are cool) lets you adjust the amount of disk space you use right in the Aiven Console. You can go all the way up to three times the amount defined in your plan.

This capability is available in AWS, GCP and Azure environments.

Dynamic Disk Sizing in Aiven services

Usually it's easy to pick from Aiven's set of plans with fixed storage allocations. But sometimes, like if your app is very data-heavy, you need more storage without needing to scale up everything else as well. DDS lets you create a more personalized plan based on your actual needs.

You can add storage in steps of 10 GB until you reach the maximum capacity of 3x your plan's default amount. And what's best, you can immediately see the final price directly in the Aiven Console.

The price of the additional storage also covers the additional backup storage needed to handle the increased disk size.

Getting started with DDS in Aiven

Dynamic Disk Sizing can be implemented directly in the Aiven Console. Find the service you want to adjust, and on the Overview tab, click Add Storage.
Adding storage

Wrapping up

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