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Sep 14, 2022

Aiven enters cloud data warehousing marketing with open source ClickHouse® Beta

We’re excited to announce that Aiven for ClickHouse® is now available for anyone to try. Find out how to get your data on it!


Hannu Valtonen

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Co-founder at Aiven

Update: Aiven for ClickHouse is now GA!

ClickHouse® is built for speed

ClickHouse® is a fast, open-source cloud data warehouse that’s fully open source. It allows you to generate analytical data reports in real time using advanced SQL queries. ClickHouse is built to process hundreds of millions of rows and tens of gigabytes of data per server per second. ClickHouse has already been adopted by leading companies like Uber, Spotify and Deutsche Bank.

ClickHouse supports industry-leading query performance, while significantly reducing storage requirements through the innovative use of columnar storage and compression. According to the ClickHouse benchmark, it is 6-7 times faster than a proprietary cloud data warehouse like Snowflake and Redshift.

Aiven for ClickHouse extends the powerful Aiven service portfolio to the cloud data warehousing market. The fully managed service makes it a breeze to deploy a new production-grade, high-performance data warehouse and enjoy the advanced capabilities familiar from other Aiven services - effortless scaling, easy database forking and cloud/region migration without downtime.

It also has a built-in integrations for our other products - such as Aiven for Apache Kafka®, Aiven for PostgreSQL®, and Aiven for Grafana® - making it easy for you to create analytics pipelines using both streaming data sources and data in your operational databases, and to visualize the analytics results. Stay tuned for the new features!

What is it used for?

ClickHouse is used for analyzing huge amounts of IoT telemetry, customer behavior, infrastructure metrics and logs, clickstream data and more, with no compromises on scale and performance.

By offloading the analytics workload from operational databases and by aggregating data from various data sources, ClickHouse ensures a full 360° analytics view that doesn’t compromise the performance of your operational applications.

To find out more about ClickHouse, check out our What is ClickHouse article.

What does “beta” mean?

You can use Aiven for ClickHouse beta for development work and for testing production-level workloads, but not yet for full production use. This is the perfect time to kick off your ClickHouse database and get a head start. You can develop your online analytics applications, send us your feedback as you go, and get precisely the features and capabilities that you need implemented in it. We even give you extended credits to try it out - you will receive $400 credit when you create an Aiven for ClickHouse Beta service. This offer is valid for both our existing customers and anyone new to Aiven services.

A word of caution, though: you can use our free Basic level support with the beta service, but higher level support packages are currently not available and our standard SLA terms do not apply.

How to get started?

If you’re a new customer, first create an Aiven trial account.

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console.
  2. Create a new ClickHouse service.
  3. Load data to your newly created service.
  4. Use the built-in query editor to develop and test your analytics queries.
  5. Enjoy!

For more information, visit our Aiven for ClickHouse beta product page and check the product documentation here.

Wrapping up

Aiven for ClickHouse beta is here for your delectation. If you have any feedback or questions, hit us up on Twitter, or send e-mail to

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