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Dec 13, 2022

Aiven for ClickHouse® now generally available

With the general availability of Aiven for ClickHouse®, including a 99.99% availability SLA, you can now create a fully managed data warehouse to run your analytics pipelines and other analytics workloads.

Mikko Röntynen, Director of Product Marketing

Mikko Röntynen

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Director of Product Marketing

In today’s fast-moving and sometimes turbulent world, customers are more and more dependent on analytics to support the data-driven decision-making culture that they strive for. Alongside this, data volumes are growing and data velocity is increasing.

In response, organizations are increasingly turning to open source software and solutions, combined with the cloud, to fulfill their analytics needs while controlling costs.

Today, we are delighted to announce that our new high-performance data warehouse service, Aiven for ClickHouse®, is now generally available for production use by both existing and new Aiven customers.

Since the introduction of the beta version of the service 3 months ago, we have listened carefully to feedback from customers that chose to experiment with the beta. We took that feedback, made enhancements and implemented new capabilities. Aiven for ClickHouse is now supported for production use and takes its place as a member in the set of integrated, open source data infrastructure services provided by Aiven.

One of the early adopters of Aiven for ClickHouse was Chatlayer by Sinch, a company that provides AI-powered chatbot solutions to their customers. The Chatlayer solution includes advanced analytics capabilities that provide insights into the customers’ conversations with their end users.

“We were positively surprised with the performance of Aiven for ClickHouse - it is really fast. And thanks to the excellent data compression, we were able to save on costs compared to our previous solution.” – Miguel Carvajal, Technical Lead at Chatlayer

Faster data insights at scale with ClickHouse

ClickHouse® is a fast data warehouse that’s fully open source. ClickHouse allows you to derive analytical insights in near real-time using advanced SQL queries, and is built to process hundreds of millions of rows and tens of gigabytes of data per server per second. It supports industry-leading query performance, while significantly reducing storage requirements through the use optimization techniques combining the power of columnar storage with compression codecs that can be applied to independently compress each column based on the nature of the data that it contains.

ClickHouse is ideally suited for use-cases with high volumes of ‘event’ data, such as IoT telemetry, clickstream data, log files and real-time market data.

More than just open source ClickHouse

Aiven for ClickHouse service runs on our reliable cloud management platform
inheriting all of its capabilities, and benefits from Aiven’s continuous focus on security and operational excellence:

  • Reliable operations: Aiven for ClickHouse is designed and built to be self-healing and provide a high reliability, with a 99.99% uptime SLA, backed by enterprise-grade monitoring and 24x7 proactive support. Business continuity is supported by daily backups, rolling software upgrades for major and minor versions, and automated failover across availability zones for plans that have more than one node.
  • Easy analytics pipelines: Integrate Aiven for ClickHouse with Apache Kafka or PostgreSQL data sources, create powerful visualization dashboards using Aiven for Grafana, and connect JDBC compatible business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Tableau. Tip: Our blog has more information about connecting Aiven for ClickHouse and Apache Kafka.
  • No provider lock in due to full compatibility with open-source ClickHouse: Aiven’s multi-cloud and cross-cloud deployment model enables you to choose your preferred cloud provider when creating your Aiven for ClickHouse cluster, and makes it simple to migrate between cloud providers should the need arise.
  • Security and compliance: Services that you create with Aiven run on virtual machines dedicated to you with end-to-end encryption. Our platform is ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2,GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.
  • DevOps friendly: integrate with your existing DevOps processes to create, modify, and delete Aiven for ClickHouse clusters programmatically via the Aiven REST API, the Aiven CLI and Aiven Terraform Provider.
  • Easy observability: Monitor your data infrastructure by connecting Aiven for ClickHouse with other Aiven services for ready-made monitoring dashboards and unlimited log storage and search. We also provide integrations for popular external services like Prometheus, Rsyslog, Amazon CloudWatch and Google Cloud’s Cloud Logging service.

Pricing & Availability

Aiven for ClickHouse is immediately available on all major cloud platforms - AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure - in over 70 regions globally.

Service plans range from single node Hobbyist/Startup plans, to highly-available three node Business plans, and further up to 30 node clusters with Premium plans. The service is priced per hour, with prices starting from $0.26027/h ($190/month).

For details, see our ClickHouse pricing page.

Looking for an easy start with Aiven for ClickHouse?

Read our Quickstart Guide and start setting up today.

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