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Oct 6, 2022

Aiven introduces OpenSearch® 2!

Aiven now offers OpenSearch® 2 as a managed service. Let’s take a look at how we’re bringing it to you and what the key improvements are.


Hoang Minh Vo

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Technical Product Manager

OpenSearch has introduced its first major version upgrade since its first launch last year, with a wealth of new capabilities and performance enhancements. This fully open source ElasticSearch fork is backed by a strong community dedicated to its further development - and of course, Aiven is an enthusiastic part of that community.

What can the new version do for you?

OpenSearch 2 highlights:

Performance improvements with Lucene 9.1

OpenSearch now equips the latest version of Apache Lucene, which helps improve performance, as well as providing faster I/O and faster indexing.

Document-level alerting

OpenSearch 2 offers the capability to monitor and generate alerts on document level. Furthermore, OpenSearch 2 introduces a Notification plugin to centralize all notifications for your OpenSearch instead of having to manually configure alerts in each individual plugin.

ML Commons upgrades

OpenSearch provides an upgrade to the previous ML Commons Plugin to handle additional workloads. With this new version, OpenSearch introduces new algorithms for linear regression and localization on top of the previous K-means and RCF to simplify development of ML models.

Already an Aiven for OpenSearch 1 customer?

If you already use Aiven for OpenSearch 1 and want to benefit from these new features and performance improvements, you can upgrade as you see fit. Aiven will continue to support OpenSearch 1 for the time being, and we have provided a safe upgrade path from your current version to Aiven for OpenSearch 2.

Note OpenSearch version 2 removes mapping type parameters in all of its API endpoints, and indexes are categorized by document type going forward. For further details, take a look here.


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