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Apr 20, 2018

Aiven talks in PostgresConf US 2018

We visited New York and New Jersey this week to meet partners and speak in PostgresConf US in Jersey City.


Oskari Saarenmaa

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Chief Executive Officer at Aiven

Part of our team spent this week in New York and Jersey City attending
events and meeting our customers and partners in the area. The main event
for our visit was the PostgresConf US 2018 conference in Jersey City just
across te Hudson river from Manhattan.

Oskari Saarenmaa talking about data pipelines with PostgreSQL and Apache Kafka

The conference gave us a good opportunity to network and catch up with our
custmers and partners as well as new contacts. We also gave two talks at
the event which centered around connecting PostgreSQL with other open source
tools, namely Apache Kafka. The talks we gave were:

Hannu Valtonen talking about change data capture for a brave new world

We had a great audience for both talks and lively discussion following them.
The key points from our talks include:

  • Apache Kafka as the central piece of your data pipeline creates a clean architecture and helps avoid the giant, fragile mess of point-to-point connections
  • PostgreSQL is a versatile RDBMS suitable for many different workloads with a huge ecosystem of robust tools and extensions
  • SQL is more relevant than ever before, it has outlasted its competition and is the universal language for data access, start using it in more systems

Slides for both talks are now available on GitHub
please see them for more information on combining PostgreSQL and Kafka.

Over the coming months we'll be talking about these topics in more events
around the world, including Kafka Summit in London next week and the OSS
Summit in Japan in June. Other upcoming events and updates will be posted
here, so be sure to follow us on
Twitter and join our
blog and
changelog RSS

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