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Nov 30, 2016

Aiven in Google Tokyo & other updates

Aiven is now active in Google Tokyo and we’re planning some feature additions to our Kafka and PostgreSQL services. Find out more.


Oskari Saarenmaa

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Chief Executive Officer at Aiven

We're happy to announce that we've recently added the new Google Cloud
Northeast Asia (Tokyo) region to Aiven. All Aiven services are now
available in the new region which is our fourth supported cloud in Japan and
12th cloud in Asia.

We've also been busy enhancing our Kafka service with new topic management
APIs and user inteface which we hope to roll out during the next couple of
weeks. On the PostgreSQL side we've just finished the development of our
connection pooling system and PGBouncer -based connection pooling will be
available in Aiven after our next service update. The use cases and
benefits of these new features will be covered in upcoming blog posts.

The rest of the week the Aiven founding team is busy meeting new and old
customers and partners at the
Slush startup conference here in Helsinki, Finland.

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