The Future of IoT

How Comcast is shaping IoT with Aiven for Kafka

Watch the webinar to learn about the technology behind an industry-leading home automation platform and the possibilities of using and optimizing Apache Kafka to build IoT solutions.

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What we cover in this webinar

IoT is revolutionizing the way your customers experience the world around them as it enables the devices they use every day to better serve them. Because they operate in unpredictable environments, IoT concepts are incredibly complex to implement.

In this webinar, we bring IoT into the real world with Comcast’s Andrew Gerhold and discuss how he overcame the infrastructure challenges involved in building the Xfinity Home concept to perform with under 50ms latency end-to-end for millions of devices with Aiven for Apache Kafka’s help.

Presented by:

David Esposito

Solutions Architect @ Aiven

David Esposito is Solutions Architect at Aiven. He comes from a background of running Kafka, MySQL, OpenSearch, and Redis at scale in production. He loves big numbers so if you ever need to know how many seconds are in a day, just ask him... it's 86400 by the way.

Andrew Gerhold

Strategic Opportunities Development @ Comcast

Andrew Gerhold is a passionate entrepreneur, technical operations leader, and an incredibly talented developer. Andrew helps Comcast cultivate ideas into customer-facing products in the ever-changing world of cutting edge software.