Paf chooses Aiven Kafka to reduce complexity [Case Study]

Find out why Paf trusts Aiven Kafka to help make sure that their data architecture is open and easily interfaceable.

02 April 2019
John Hammink
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Developer Advocate at Aiven

As an online and physical gambling operator in the EU, Paf's data needs are complex. For example, they need to be able to connect their seafaring slot machines, casino games, and online portals with financial and authentication data.

To handle the complexity, Paf chose Apache Kafka to be used as their loosely-coupled, asynchronous and schema-agnostic messaging solution. With the solution in hand, their next question became, "Who handles it?"

Specifically, should they build in-house expertise, hire, or look for a managed find out more about the circumstances underlying Paf's use case and why they chose Aiven for Apache Kafka, download the case study below!

paf case study
[click to download]

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