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Apr 25, 2019

A data architecture for over 1 million OVO smart meters [Case Study]

Over 1 million smart meters require a robust and reliable data architecture; find out why OVO chose to build it on Aiven.


Kyle Buzzell

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Head of Growth Marketing at Aiven

OVO Energy is a leading independent energy company in the UK with a focus on using technology to enhance its customers’ experience. One tool they use is the smart meter, with over 1 million already installed.

These smart meters require a robust and reliable data architecture that is also able to scale rapidly, which is why they decided to place Apache Kafka at the heart of it: this is where their relationship with Aiven started.

But, their needs didn’t stop with Kafka. They needed a bespoke managed package to allow them to focus on their core business. Download the case study below to find out how they built one with the Aiven platform.

Find out how OVO Energy built a robust and reliable data architecture with Aiven platform

Read case study

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