May 28, 2024

‍Aiven Announces Launch Aiven AI Database Optimizer

New Aiven AI Database Optimizer will deliver dedicated AI to enhance database performance

HELSINKI, Finland, 28th May 2024. ‍Aiven, the trusted data and AI platform company, today announced the launch of Aiven AI Database Optimizer enabling customers to increase their database performance up to 10x and optimize their cost by providing a holistic view of the database performance and a one-click optimization functionality.

Revolutionizing cloud database performance

The ever increasing speed of innovation in software combined with limited database optimization knowledge is increasingly exposing companies to a higher risk of performance issues, driving decreased service availability and leading to customer dissatisfaction. By providing continuous performance insights and AI-driven workload improvement suggestions, Aiven AI Database Optimizer will allow organizations to accelerate the creation of scalable applications.

The product will empower development teams to write performant code during the application development phase. It will also complement CloudOps engineering teams expertise with the missing database-specific knowledge required to simplify and accelerate performance optimization tasks. Aiven’s AI Database Optimizer can also be used on both development and production databases to improve code efficiency, optimize workloads, avoid performance regression, and rightsize cloud investment.

A trusted and non-intrusive solution

Powered by the EverSQL by Aiven engine that has been trusted by over 120,000 professionals to optimize over 2 million queries, Aiven AI Database Optimizer will provide scalable optimization suggestions with non-intrusive functionality. Organizations will be able to solve performance issues without needing to expose the data or compromising on data confidentiality.

"EverSQL's integration into Aiven marks a pivotal moment for PostgreSQL and MySQL users worldwide. By combining Aiven's trusted cloud data platform with EverSQL's industry-leading AI-powered optimization, we're revolutionizing how companies can make their applications 10x faster and more cost-effective. This new built-in Aiven functionality empowers companies to innovate with confidence and efficiency like never before." Oded Valin, Co-founder and CEO of EverSQL, Director at Aiven

A fleet of Aiven for PostgreSQL® databases is powering La Redoute’s marketplace functionality, driving 30% of their business. Diogo Passadouro - OPS-DBA Team Lead stated "Aiven AI Database Optimizer has revolutionized the way we analyze database performance, providing a simple, clear and highly effective approach and has proven instrumental in enhancing the performance of our databases."

Fully integrated in Aiven for PostgreSQL®, the new “AI Insights” tab in the Aiven Console will enable users to review the running queries in their databases, and receive index and SQL rewrites optimization suggestions. Aiven AI Database Optimizer is available for free for all Aiven for PostgreSQL users during the early availability phase.

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