May 31, 2023

Aiven helps companies optimize cloud spend, lower cloud cost with new offering

Aiven’s Bring Your Own Cloud provides customers flexibility and choice to fully control their data without compromising on public cloud commitments

HELSINKI, Finland — May 31, 2023Aiven, the open source cloud data platform, today unveiled Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC), a way for companies to get the most out of their public cloud investments without losing control of their data. BYOC lets customers deploy Aiven’s managed data services directly to their AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure accounts, giving them the flexibility to use the cloud platform of their choice for compute, storage, and networking - and allowing them to consolidate their cloud spend with that provider to amplify their cost saving opportunities.

According to advisory firm Forrester, the public cloud market will almost triple by 2026, growing to $1.3 trillion from $446.4 billion in 2022. Though companies are spending more on cloud than ever, managing cloud spending continues to be a top challenge. To address this issue, many companies turn to the discount programs offered by the major public cloud providers, which can significantly reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure. But these programs come with a price: a multi-year commitment that imposes restrictions and limits flexibility. With BYOC, Aiven gives companies another choice: a way to take advantage of the substantial discounts on infrastructure offered by the public cloud vendors while running services from Aiven’s trusted open source data platform, including PostgreSQL, Kafka and OpenSearch.

"In the days of increased regulations and privacy, customer data security is paramount. Companies should have control over where and how their data is housed and processed," said Jonah Kowall, Vice President of Product Management at Aiven. "With Aiven’s Bring Your Own Cloud, companies have the freedom, flexibility, and choice to fully control their data security and processes. Aiven makes it easy for customers to provision and manage services across their organizations, and includes around-the-clock monitoring and peace of mind of a 99.99% uptime SLA."

"Aiven allows us to keep control of our data while enjoying the benefits of a managed service," said Diogo Gomes, Cloud Transformation & Database Manager at French retailer La Redoute.

"One of the reasons why we moved to Aiven, instead of other solutions, is that Aiven allows us to run the services in our own cloud, on our own infrastructure," said Dups Wijayawardhana, CTO, Supermetrics, a data management and analysis tool company for marketers.

Aiven’s BYOC is the ideal solution for companies that use many cloud services or operate in regulated industries like healthcare or financial services with strict requirements for where data lives. It connects a customer’s AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account to the Aiven platform in a secure way using industry standard VPCs and role-based access controls. This makes it possible to deploy Aiven services directly in their cloud infrastructure, giving them control of their data while also cutting cloud costs and meeting cloud commitments. Early Aiven BYOC customers have reduced their overall cloud spend by an average of 30%.


Aiven BYOC is ideal for customers with favorable purchasing agreements for cloud infrastructure or specific requirements for security and control. It can be deployed on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, and is available now to new and existing Aiven customers with an enterprise support contract and a minimum monthly spend.

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Headquartered in Helsinki and with hubs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. Aiven provides managed open source data technologies, such as PostgreSQL®, Apache Kafka® and OpenSearch®, on all major clouds. Through Aiven, developers can do what they do best: create applications. Meanwhile, Aiven does what they do best: manage cloud data infrastructure. Aiven enables customers to drive business results from open source data technologies that trigger true transformations on a global scale. Most recently, Aiven achieved a $3B valuation and has now raised $420M total funding backed by its investors Atomico, Earlybird, Eurazeo, IVP, Lifeline, Salesforce Ventures, and World Innovation Lab.

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