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Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect

Managed Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect allows you to separate your integrations’ workloads from the Apache Kafka cluster, resulting in more stable, scalable and performant data flows.

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How it works

What is Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect?

Extend your Aiven for Apache Kafka with a fully managed Kafka Connect cluster in 2 minutes — directly from our web console or programmatically via our API, CLI, Terraform provider or Kubernetes operator.

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30+ managed connectors help you connect to your data sources

Aiven’s documentation makes your connector configuration easy. Check out the full list of Aiven for Apache Kafka® connectors.

Source Connectors

Pull the data from your databases and messaging systems.

Sink Connectors

Send the data to databases, messaging systems, data warehouses and object storages.

Diagram VPC peer connector between your private network and Aiven platform

Use your own connector with Aiven for Apache Kafka®

If the connector you need is not on our list, you can always create a self-managed Apache Kafka Connect cluster and connect it to Aiven for Apache Kafka.

Pricing plans

Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect pricing

No additional ingress and egress costs even with intensive networking traffic. No more unpleasant surprises with your network bills. No set limit to your connector deployment — the only limit is your cluster setup, and you can increase or decrease that whenever you choose.

Starting at just $126 a month, prices vary based on the number of brokers and storage needs. Hourly billing saves you money. Change your plan anytime.

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The Apache Kafka Toolbox

Choose from a wide range of valuable tools and plugins for your Apache Kafka setup. Use your own preferred UI tools, like Provectus to monitor and manage Apache Kafka clusters, or kcat to produce and consume records or list service configurations. Check the full list of tools here

Karapace illustration

Add schema management and REST API interface to your Apache Kafka


Karapace Schema registry - create, manage and evolve message schemas

Karapace is an open source implementation of Kafka REST and Schema Registry. Karapace enables you to produce and consume messages, and manage your Kafka cluster via REST APIs. With Karapace Schema registry, you can create, manage and evolve message schemas.


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