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Apr 14, 2023

What's new at Aiven: Q1/2023

Our product and engineering teams at Aiven have been busy! Find out what was released in the first quarter of 2023.

Mikko Röntynen, Director of Product Marketing

Mikko Röntynen

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Director of Product Marketing

In February, our latest service Aiven for Apache Flink® became generally available. With this unique fully managed Flink SQL service, you can leverage the power and flexibility of real time data processing. Together with Apache Kafka®, Apache Flink enables you to create a robust event streaming infrastructure. Events can flow within the organization via Apache Kafka, while Apache Flink acts as the computational layer, processing those events in real time.

Read more in our blog: Aiven for Apache Flink® generally available

Organizations and Units

February also saw the introduction of a new organization concept. An organization is the central entity that lets you manage users, authentication and billing settings more easily. Organizational units allow you to further refine the hierarchy of your projects and services. For example, you can now easily split production and testing workloads into different organizational units that are in the same Aiven organization.

Find out more in our blog: Introducing organizations and units in Aiven

PostgreSQL® version 15

We were quick in introducing support for version 15 in our Aiven for PostgreSQL® service. The new version comes with a wealth of new capabilities and performance enhancements that make managing workloads more efficient, while providing a better developer experience.

Explore PostgreSQL 15 further in our blog: Announcing Aiven for PostgreSQL 15

Klaw version 2.1

Klaw, our open source Apache Kafka® governance tool, again saw two new releases during the quarter. A new major version 2.0 was released in February, along with a minor upgrade with version 2.1 in March. Some of the key new features include a redesigned React UI, schema promotion, and support for authorization from your OAuth2 provider/Active Directory.


Learn more about the Klaw 2.0 and Klaw 2.1 in the Klaw official website.

New home screen in the Aiven Console

If you are a user of the Aiven Console, you can’t miss this one. When you login to the Console you will no longer deep dive straight into a list of all services in one of your projects. Instead, you will land on a new home screen that gives you quick access to all your projects and their respective services that may require your attention, as well as direct view to the platform status and recent product updates.


Aiven authentication with Github

Q1 also saw the release of Github authentication with the Aiven platform. It is now possible to sign up and authenticate to the Aiven platform using your GitHub credentials. This new addition makes it easy for all of us using GitHub to get started and use the Aiven services.


Migration wizard for MySQL

Want to migrate the data from your existing MySQL database to Aiven for MySQL? We have made it even easier than before by introducing a graphical migration wizard for it. Just hit the “Migrate database” button on your service overview screen to get started.


Manage ClickHouse® integrations in the Console

One of the most powerful capabilities of Aiven for ClickHouse® is its ability to integrate directly to Apache Kafka® and PostgreSQL® environments. Managing the integration details used to require using our Command Line Interface (CLI) tool and specific syntax - but now you can also do it easily via the graphical user interface of the Aiven Console.


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