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Sep 5, 2023

Streamlined user management in the Aiven Platform

Introducing centralized organization units, users and groups for scalable user and access management.

Rick Salevsky

Rick Salevsky

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Technical Product Manager at Aiven

Large organizations need efficient and flexible ways to manage users and their access to different projects and services on the Aiven Platform. These organizations typically have many users with different levels of access in multiple projects, making it difficult to keep track of who has access to what. This can lead to operational disruptions and security and compliance issues.

To address this challenge, we are introducing centralized organization users and groups. These features streamline the user and access management process, making it much easier to scale your setup on the platform and gain visibility into users and their permissions across the entire organization.

Organization users and groups build on the organization concept that was announced earlier this year. Furthermore, the organizational unit feature that has been in beta since then, now reaches general availability.

Organization users

Users can now be centrally managed across the entire organization, reducing the administrative burden of keeping track of users and helping to keep infrastructure more secure.

Users are invited to the organization using email. Once they have accepted the invitation, administrators can give them access to specific organizational units, projects, and services within that organization and view their active authentication methods, two-factor authentication status, group membership, and last active status in the Aiven Platform.


User groups provide an efficient and easy way to control user access to organizational units, projects, and services. The new groups feature is replacing the old teams concept. Unlike teams, groups are shared across the entire organization, so you can create one group and use it across all your organizational units. This makes it easier to manage access and ensures that users have the right permissions to the resources they need.

Groups also come with several user experience improvements, such as:

  • Search for and add users with a single click
  • Open a user's profile from right within the group
  • Monitor the status and last activity of all users in the group at a glance

Switch to groups now for an enhanced user experience, and stay tuned for upcoming features such as syncing users and groups with an external identity provider.

Organizational units reach GA

Organizational units allow you to refine the hierarchy of your projects and services. This hierarchical structure gives you greater flexibility to organize your account structure to fit your needs. For example, you can easily split production and testing workloads into different organizational units that are in the same Aiven organization.

Organizational units have been available as a beta feature since early this year. With the introduction of groups, we are now making them generally available.

Get started

Enjoy the enhanced user experience and start managing your users and groups across the whole organization. Log in to Aiven Console and navigate to the admin page of your organization to get started.

Learn more about users and groups in our user and access management documentation.

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