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Manage users in an organization

Adding users to your organization lets you give them access to specific organizational units, projects, and services within that organization.

Invite users to an organization

To add users to your organization, send them an invite:

  1. Click Admin > Users.
  2. Click Invite users.
  3. Enter the email addresses of the people to invite.
  4. Click Invite users.

The users receive an email with instructions to sign up (for new users) and accept the invite.

Remove users from an organization

If you remove a user from an organization, they will also be removed from all groups and projects and no longer have access to any resources in the organization.

To remove a user from an organization:

  1. Click Admin > Users.
  2. Find the user to remove and click Actions > Remove and confirm.

Resend an invite

To resend an invite to a user:

  1. Click Admin > Users.
  2. Find the email address to resend an invite to and click Actions > Resend invite.

They receive a new email with instructions for signing up or accepting the invite.