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Jun 18, 2020

Managing projects just got easier in Aiven

You asked, we listened. You wanted better account management features for larger companies - today, they're available for use!


Michael Halyk

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Content Marketing Manager at Aiven

As the Aiven community grows, we rely on our users to tell us how to make the Aiven console more efficient, usable and powerful. We get great feedback from our users every day, and we read every single tweet, comment, and email.

We’re happy to announce that managing larger organizations in the Aiven Console will now be a whole lot easier. You can now create teams to help you map your internal organization structure to your Aiven account. Allocating users into teams reduces administrative work, provisioning access across multiple Aiven projects by grouping users with similar needs.

The new ‘Teams’ feature

In the past, project administrators would have to provision project access to users one-by-one, and this became time consuming with lots of projects in an account. In addition, updating/removing user access rights was notably difficult.

We’ve fixed these issues, and also added additional functionalities. As the first step towards easing administration, we've introduced 'Accounts' for grouping projects to manage common attributes shared between them. As an account owner, you can easily group users with similar access needs across multiple projects into 'Teams'. You can invite new team members to join, and assign your teams to one or more projects in your account.

The users in your account can belong to multiple projects, and the administrator can easily provision user access to multiple projects in the same view. In addition, when a user’s role/department in the company changes or they leave the company, updating/removing user's access rights is now a breeze. Teams work seamlessly with projects, and you can associate any team with any project in your account. Lastly, we’ve made it possible to set SAML authentication with SSO for users.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use the new teams feature, read our help center article.

Upcoming management features

Enhanced account management features have been highly requested from the Aiven community, so we thought we’d take a more structured approach. The introduction of teams is just the first step, and we’re hard at work on the next phase - the addition of billing groups. With billing groups, you’ll be able to set a default billing group for associated projects to consolidate costs into a single invoice - making your finance department’s job a bit easier.

Stay tuned to our blog for more details about the launch of billing groups. In the meantime, follow our changelog RSS feeds, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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