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Jun 19, 2018

Google cloud is now over Finland

GCP is now in the Nordics with its first cloud region in Finland; find out why it's a big deal for Aiven and non-Aiven users.


Kyle Buzzell

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Head of Growth Marketing at Aiven

Yesterday, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) brought their first Nordic cloud online, europe-north1. A former papermill turned data center, europe-north1 is a three-zone region catering to end-users in the Nordics and Easter Europe.

And today, Aiven became the first independent, ISO 27001 certified DBaaS to offer production-ready PostgreSQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch and other services in GCP Finland.

While it is a big deal for current and future Aiven clients, the availability of a GCP Nordic cloud is important in its own right because of its potential performance improvements and sustainability features. Let’s check them out!

Why is GCP’s latest region important?

GCP's latest region marks their 5th in Europe, allowing them to drastically improve latencies for Nordic and Eastern European end-users, by anywhere from 65% to 88%, than when hosting in the next closest regions.

But you don’t have to take their word for it, you can see for yourself by measuring and comparing your latency across multiple GCP regions through the GCPing tool: you can access it here.

Even better, it is less expensive than some other European regions. Whether due to lower electricity costs from its use of the Gulf of Finland for cooling or something else, it is good news for expenses and the environment.

GCP Finland increases Aiven’s regions to 71

By offering GCP's latest addition, we continue to increase our lead as the largest DBaaS provider in terms of cloud coverage with 71 cloud regions worldwide.

Therefore, any Aiven customer with a local or international data scope can be confident that they will always be provided with the most proximate hosting solutions available for their managed services.

Stay tuned for more region releases by joining our blog and changelog RSS feeds; or, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn. In the meantime, feel free to deploy in europe-north1!

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