8 Jan 2019

Coming soon: MySQL on Aiven

Aiven Blog: Read about the 2019 launch of Aiven for MySQL, a popular database engine for better handling of back-ups in cloud environments.


Oskari Saarenmaa


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Chief Executive Officer at Aiven

Coming soon: MySQL on Aiven illustration

Happy 2019! We're kicking off the year with a number of new product and feature launches, starting with MySQL.

Our mission is to let developers focus on their applications while we take care of their data infrastructure. This means that we're closely following the development of the most interesting open source software projects and listening to feedback from our customers and the community when prioritizing our roadmap.

We've been gathering requirements and understanding use cases for MySQL for quite some time, and I'm happy to announce that MySQL is the next database engine to be launched in Aiven. In addition to being one of the most popular database engines out there, MySQL, like Aiven, was launched by a Finnish team so in many ways it's a natural extension to Aiven.

Feature-wise, we're looking to offer only the latest major version, 8, with plans quite similar to our current PostgreSQL plans in terms of features and capacity. Details will be released over the coming months as we open our early access program.

Launching MySQL on Aiven requires us to implement various new tools to better handle backups in different cloud environments as well as to integrate monitoring data with various external systems. In line with our open source commitment, we'll be publishing these tools on our GitHub site as we move closer to GA.

Early access to Aiven MySQL is expected to be available by end of Q1, with general availability to follow during Q2. Please contact us through the online chat or email to sign up for early access.

In addition to MySQL, our growing team has been working on e.g. Kafka improvements and enhancements as well as better integration with external authentication and authorization systems with finer-grained access control for different database engines. We'll be announcing and releasing these features over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!

P.S. we're also looking for talented developers and developer advocates to join our team to work on open source infrastructure, check out some of the open positions on our careers page and apply. Many of the positions are available for remote candidates in EU or US.

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