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Dec 1, 2021

Cluster for profit

Find out how and, above all, WHY, join us in Cluster, Aiven's program for startups who need their data infrastructure set up right.

Auri Poso, Technical Copywriter at Aiven

Auri Poso

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Technical Copywriter at Aiven

Aiven recently launched a startup program for fresh newcomers in any area of business who need their data infra done right.

But how do you get from joining the Aiven Cluster to profiting from it? Well, here's how!

1. Join Aiven Cluster

Go to the Cluster page, fill in the form and click the big crab-colored button. This gets you started in the application process.

2. ???

When your application is approved, you receive 100K of Aiven credits. (Among other things) Here are some ways you can put those credits to work for you:

  • Run a beefy PostgreSQL instance with 2TB of storage and half a terabyte of RAM (business-512) for 6 months
  • Run a more modest Kafka Business-8 package with plenty of spare credits left over
  • Set up the full house of data for 12 months:
    • PostgreSQL business-64 for your database
    • OpenSearch business-32 for searching
    • Redis business-64 for caching to keep your apps running nicely
    • M3 business-16 for your metrics
    • Grafana to keep an eye on things

For more ideas, take a look at our case studies and see how others are using Aiven services.

3. Profit!

Once you have your data infra running, it just works. We'll take care of the upgrades and the maintenance. Your data pipes stay clear and your company stays open for business.

If your startup starts out right, i.e., with Aiven, you’ll skip the cost of even setting up your own data infrastructure. This means you won’t invest in something you’d probably have to dismantle later on when the management, hardware and connectivity costs catch up with you.

And how big do you stand to profit? According to a recent whitepaper by IDC, our customers saw an average of 340% three-year ROI with a 5-month payback period, and 37% lower cost of operations over three years.

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