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27 May 2022

4 key risks in moving to the cloud (and how to mitigate, manage and master them)

Moving the data infrastructure of your service or app from an on-prem model into a managed cloud service comes with risks. These ones you can't ignore.

13 May 2022|By

5 good questions to ask before migrating your database (and answers too)

11 May 2022|By

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14 April 2022

5 hard truths about scaling data intensive applications

Join David Esposito as he gives you the low-down on building data architectures that stand up even under the largest loads.

13 April 2022

Open Source Program Office at Aiven: A year later

Aiven's OSPO is now one year old. Find out what OS Engineering Manager Josep Prat and his team have learned about setting up and running the function.

21 March 2022

Karapace strengthens schema management

Companies are increasingly turning to Karapace, started by Aiven, as an open source alternative for Confluent Schema Registry and REST API for Apache Kafka®.

25 February 2022

The case for managed databases

Should I get my database managed? Read and find out the real costs and benefits of self-hosted vs managed databases, and ask yourself five hard questions.

24 February 2022

Create trust and value with Aiven

Jason Hepp tells you about how Aiven provides intrinsic trust and value in your organization. Find out what hugging your feet has to do with it!

28 January 2022

Just plug it in - Aiven & Temporal

Temporal offers a microservice orchestration platform, and Aiven offers data infrastructure. Read why these two are practically made for each other!

& Andrew
22 December 2021

Winning with Developer Experience

Set up a Developer Experience team to take care of your developers - and your bottom line. Find out how DEX gives a competitive edge in software development.

20 December 2021

Security updates: Grafana and Log4j

0day? How about 0december! Aiven's CISO recaps the recent vulnerabilities and what Aiven did about them.

02 December 2021

Easy real time streaming insights

Your streaming data is a valuable asset. Find out why you should be hoarding and analyzing it, and how to start building that pipeline.

18 November 2021

CloudOps: the everyday heroes

Programmers spending their time on tool issues is an old problem. The new solution in town is a separate team that takes care of it for them.

12 November 2021

Why DBAs embrace managed services

Some DBAs object to moving from on-prem (or self-hosted) to managed services. We hear you, but read this post to find out our side of the issue.

19 October 2021

Raising a unicorn worth $2 billion - another letter from our CEO

Aiven extended its Series C to $160 million, reaching unicorn status. Find out what it means for Aiven and for the future of open source data technologies.

18 October 2021

IDC: Aiven's cloud data services bring 340% three year ROI [WHITEPAPER]

IDC wrote a white paper on just how much value Aiven services add for our customers. Read how we did! (Spoiler: we did really well.)

09 August 2021

How retail and eCommerce can leverage open source cloud technology

Alex Timlin and Jan Hegewald explore the challenges facing retailers. How can open source cloud can get eCommerce companies started with digital transformation?

03 August 2021

The Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art, Part 2

Welcome to more exciting adventures in data land! Join us for another interpretive look at some action-packed monitoring graphs captured in Aiven systems.

22 July 2021

The Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art

Who says monitoring can't be a beautiful thing? Check out this gallery of monitoring graphs depicting actual situations that took place in Aiven systems.

05 July 2021

Bring Your Own Account to Aiven

You don’t have to marry your data cloud! Not even in regulated industries, not even when you have a good existing cloud provider deal. Find out why.

10 June 2021

Apache Kafka® and the great database debate

Is Apache Kafka® a database? Can I throw out my Postgres and use Kafka instead? Is Kafka the new Swiss Army Knife of data? Find out what the debate is about.

12 May 2021

5 tips for choosing a DBaaS vendor

In managed cloud infra, David Esposito has seen it all from both sides of the table. Now he offers his best 5 tips for selecting a service provider.

22 April 2021

Getting the most of multicloud

Your cloud strategy really should be based on using multiple cloud environments and regions. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits and challenges of a multicloud setup. Read on to find out if your life could be made easier!

15 April 2021

CTO predictions – The future of open source, cloud growth and more

Our entire industry has seen exciting momentum already in Q1 of this year. Curious to know what you should keep on your radar in the months ahead?

07 April 2021

Data security compliance in the cloud

Aiven’s long list of security standard compliances is an advantage to our customers. Find out how cloud service buyers and providers both benefit.

18 March 2021

Welcome to your Aiven demo

We continually improve the accessibility and usability of Aiven services. Recently we launched a new welcome tour feature--read on to discover what it’s about!

04 March 2021

Public cloud v. private cloud - what’s the difference?

When is your public cloud actually private? Sorry, that’s a trick question! Read on to understand the difference between public and private in cloud computing.

26 January 2021

Building a modern data architecture

Ancient corporate data architectures do not support modern business goals. Modernize your data environment now.

20 January 2021

How Aiven monitors your system performance

Aiven commits to 99.99% uptime. Every now and then we are asked how we make sure that your system actually stays up accordingly. Find out how we keep an eye on service uptime and how we react to issues.

04 January 2021

12 reasons you(r boss) should choose a public cloud service

If your company is still “on-prem”, you might be missing out big time and paying too much for the privilege! Read why you should leap into the public cloud.

17 December 2020

5 benefits of an Apache Kafka®-centric microservice architecture

Microservices are the most flexible way to provide an online service today. Find out why Apache Kafka is a good choice when microservices are on the line.

30 November 2020

Why you should <3 open source databases

Read why Aiven’s top people think the open source road is the path to success, especially for the data your business depends on.

05 August 2020

The top requirements for building performant real-time applications

Olivier de Garrigues from outlines what engineering teams should consider when building and launching real-time apps in our world of fast innovation.

08 July 2019

The data continuum, examined

To know which data store is best for your data, it's helpful to understand where your data lies on the continuum of structured to unstructured data.

17 May 2019

5 best practices for cloud database management

Check out this blog post from our guest writer, Gilad David Maayan, covering 5 best practices for cloud database management.

23 November 2018

The future of data pipelines

The one theme that underlies all future data pipelines will be handling massive scale. Read this post to find the specifics.

25 October 2018

7 challenges that data pipelines must solve

The current data landscape presents many challenges for data pipelines to overcome. Read this post to find out what they are.

06 September 2018

The current data and event ecosystem

Read this post to find out about some of the most popular components you can use to build your modern event-driven data pipeline.