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Dec 16, 2021

Announcing Apache Cassandra® 4.0

Aiven now supports Apache Cassandra® 4.0. This is the first major version upgrade since Apache Cassandra® 3.0 was released in 2015.

Apache Cassandra 4.0 is particularly noted for its improved stability, better performance, and faster speed. Cassandra 4.0 delivers up to 25% faster throughput on read and write operations and leverages Zero Copy Streaming to stream data up to 5 times faster.

What’s new

Here are some of the key features introduced in Cassandra 4:

  • Enhanced Metrics via virtual tables
  • Workload replay with full query logging*
  • Audit logging for enhanced compliance*
  • Zero Copy Streaming

*Not available yet, but will soon be included in Aiven for Apache Cassandra.

Full details on all of the new features are listed on the Cassandra 4.0 web page:

How to get started with Apache Cassandra 4.0

Upgrade to Apache Cassandra 4.0 to take advantage of these features. If you already use Aiven for Apache Cassandra 3, you can easily run an in-place upgrade to start using the newest version.

Not using Aiven for Apache Cassandra yet? Try out the latest Cassandra version with our free 30-day no-commitment trial.

Wrapping up

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