Oct 12, 2022

Announcing the Aiven Technical Content Contribution Program

Share your passion for solving data problems through open source technology with the wider community - by writing about it.

Take my claw ... join the Aiven Technical Content Contribution Program

In this new program we aim to produce and promote content that is relevant, significant, solution-focused and replicable, as well as usable for developers, DevOps or platform engineers, and data professionals. And we want you to work with us.

Share your helpful content on open source technologies, data infrastructure management, or data architecture. Let us help you create and publicize your experiences, your sage advice, your wit and wisdom.

Who can contribute?

Well, in a word, you.

At Aiven, we live and breathe open source. We want to help developers, platform engineers and other data professionals achieve more in their roles by using the best open source data tools in the cloud to build innovative solutions backed by great data infrastructure.

Even if you haven't written anything before, we encourage you to start - tell us what you have in mind, and we'll support you along the way.

How do we start?

If you’re interested in writing about data infrastructure, that’s perfect. If you’ve got something to say about your collaborations and experiences, great! Let’s get started together. Here’s how it goes:


  1. Got an exciting idea that you want to get out there? Email us directly or submit your topic proposal here.

  2. We’ll have a kickoff call about the topic, and hammer out a content outline.

  3. Draft your content and review it with the Aiven team.

  4. Once approved, your content is published through Aiven’s assorted channels.

  5. Profit! We send you your reward.

Some thoughts to kick you off

  • You have a solution you’ve built using open source data infrastructure. Share your use case and experience with us, and tell us why you went that way.
  • You’ve got an idea for a tutorial on how to build a certain solution leveraging open source data infrastructure.
  • You’ve been considering a thought leadership piece. You have something to say about leveraging open source technologies, data infrastructure management, data architecture.

If you have an idea for a video or some other content (I know we talk a lot about writing here, but we’re open to messages of all kinds), or if you’re just not sure how you want to start - drop us an email and we can figure it out together. Remember: your style and thoughts are what make you unique, and we want to preserve it.

How you benefit

A good article in the right place can boost your personal brand or your company’s credibility, and increase the community’s awareness and trust in your talent and knowledge.

Build your profile

Show your expertise in your field and gain recognition for your valuable content within expert communities. Share your knowledge and bring other talented experts in your field into your circles.

Grow your skills

Bring your ideas and thoughts, tips and tricks, questions and opinions to wider audiences, and deepen your own knowledge by sharing and discussing ideas with your peers.

We offer support with your writing and presentation skills while you create content on a tech topic you love.

Earn rewards

In addition to receiving Aiven swag, you can choose a reward from among these options:

  • Extra credit for your Aiven account
  • A donation to your favorite charity
  • A ticket to our next Uptime event

Come collaborate with us! We don’t bite.

Apply now!

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