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Mar 8, 2019

Aiven now supports Google OAuth SSO

We're excited to announce that Aiven now supports Google Oauth SSO. Check out this post to get more information on why this is important.


Kyle Buzzell

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Head of Growth Marketing at Aiven

Users can now use their personal and corporate Google account credentials to sign up and access the Aiven platform through Google OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO), making account management much simpler and efficient.

With over 4 million organizations using G Suite, this was a bit of a no brainer—especially when coupled with the fact that companies are using anywhere from a couple to over 100 applications, depending on company size.

That makes username and password management extremely complex.

Google SSO goes a long way in removing this. But, what’s really cool about supporting it on the Aiven platform is that signing up and logging in can now be handled in a similar way to launching services: with the click of a button.

Signing up to Aiven with Google OAuth SSO

And we’re not finished, Google SAML is next. So, enjoy your new streamlined process and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with Aiven news by signing up to our changelog and blog RSS feeds or following us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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