Aiven launches Karapace for Kafka Schema and cluster management

Karapace is the only open-source, drop-in alternative to Schema Registry and Kafka REST. Available starting today, find out more about our latest open-source contribution in this post.

08 July 2020
John Hammink
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Developer Advocate at Aiven

We’re excited to announce the launch of Karapace: a brand new, open source tool developed by Aiven. Karapace has been added to Aiven for Apache Kafka plans as a drop-in replacement for Kafka REST and Schema Registry, and is available starting today. Now, let's cover its specifics and how to implement it.

An open-source alternative to Schema Registry and Kafka REST

Karapace’s functionality aims to be 1:1 compatible with pre-existing Confluent Schema Registry and Kafka REST proxy, and works on both client and server sides. As an open-source replacement, Karapace helps users avoid vendor lock-in.

On the technical side, Karapace represents moderate memory consumption and is built with an asynchronous architecture, both of which result in a more lightweight and stable tool that makes working with Apache Kafka just a little easier.

Karapace provides the following functionality:

  • Storing of schemas in a central repository
  • Serialization and deserialization of messages
  • Version history of Kafka schemas
  • A RESTful interface for your Kafka cluster
  • Ability to perform tasks such as producing and consuming messages and, cluster admin tasks

Prior to Karapace, it wasn’t possible to offer Schema Registry or Kafka REST on Aiven Startup plans because they didn’t have enough memory. But, because Karapace is so much lighter, it is now possible to run both features on even the least-expensive Aiven for Kafka plans.

How to enable Karapace

To enable Schema Registry or REST proxy for your Aiven for Kafka plans, simply enable the features on the overview page of your Aiven for Kafka service.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 10.05.14

Wrapping up

With Karapace, you have a few more options for managing Kafka message schemas and administering your Apache Kafka clusters. For those of you who want to contribute to the project, go the the Karapace repo and remember to follow our blog and changelog RSS feeds, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.


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